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  1. 95mark8newyork

    popular exhaust systems

    Flows sound blah to me on mustangs. I liked the flow 40s on my dads 95 mark but its all personal preference. You wanna be loud? Get a set of dynomax race bullets and be done with it lol
  2. 95mark8newyork

    popular exhaust systems

    Flowmasters sound great on the 4V motor.. I wouldn't put anything else on these cars, they're not meant to be loud and obnoxious..
  3. 95mark8newyork

    popular exhaust systems

    Just go to an exhaust shop. Have the "3rd cat" really a resonator so tell them to cut that resonator off.. Have them run dual 2.5'' piping to the back to mufflers of your choice. My dad had flowmaster 40 series 2 chamber mufflers on with a custom catback. Plenty of growl and it was pretty loud...
  4. 95mark8newyork

    Need help bringing my new mark viii alive

    If its a blown headgasket, than you could change the headgaskets...
  5. 95mark8newyork

    Kevin's 95 Willow Green Mark progress thread

    Yeah i think october was the last time I was on here. Now that my dads keeping the mark I figured get back on here.. I've done a lot to it, i appreciate it dude.. I got bullitts on there, anthracrite is the real color but I dipped em black. See if these shots work.
  6. 95mark8newyork

    Kevin's 95 Willow Green Mark progress thread

    Nice progress man. Love the 97 cobra wheels on there. Haven't been on here in a minute lol
  7. 95mark8newyork

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    that sucks. I haven't been on here in awhile, when did you get an LSC?
  8. 95mark8newyork

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Tried starting it a few days ago.. ****ty autozone battery.. Took that crap out and got a nice bosch battery. Fired right up and it sounds great. Washed it too.
  9. 95mark8newyork

    For Sale 2011-2014 5.0 Mustang- Bassani Street Race Axlebacks

    Up for sale are a pair of Bassani Street Race Axle Backs for the 2011-2014 5.0. These were on for about a day and then they were taken off. Full stainless steel, 3'' inlet, 4'' tips that are also stainless steel. They bolt right up to your factory over axle pipes, no mods needed. These were...
  10. 95mark8newyork

    LMS muffler question

    More so the engines themselves. I myself love the way infiniti's sound from the factory, they do something with those motors that give them a clean and pretty nice exhaust note.
  11. 95mark8newyork

    LMS muffler question

    You don't need real duals for it to be loud. My dad had a custom exhaust made, single to dual from the stock Y pipe with original 2 chamber flowmaster 40s. At idle it was beefy, driving around, hard accel and WOT was ridiculous. Might not be holy **** loud like a car with headers and no cats...
  12. 95mark8newyork

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Convinced my dad to keep the 95 mark.. Hopefully he does! Gonna be re-finishing a spare set of headlights and going to buy him some 5000k (or w/e pure white is) HID's for it. Might start it up later too.
  13. 95mark8newyork

    How do i make this look more sporty?

    Tint the windows, dip the front grille black and all other chrome accents. Some 18'' or 19'' Mustang wheels with wide tires out back. Lower it a bit and do exhaust, done.
  14. 95mark8newyork

    Drilled/slotted front rotors,98 LSC, where?

    Drilled & Slotted work fine if you don't cheap out on them. R1Concepts is a great place to get brakes from for any car, they're drilled & slotted rotors are awesome. I have slotted rotors and ceramic pads on my 95 mustang, I wish i got the drilled & slotted because they look better lol. & they'd...
  15. 95mark8newyork

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Thanks man! Yes sir thats my 1995 5.0, black on black 55k original miles. I had issues with the Saleens chrome finish with 2 sets. Swapped them for Anthracrite Bullitts, just plasti dipped them black to protect them for the winter. My brothers foxbody is right in front of mine
  16. 95mark8newyork

    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Washed it, compounded it with my buffer. Polished all the chrome including wheels and Stainless steel exhaust tips. Need to buff it with wax and seal it, rotate the tires and vacuum the interior.. Then she's up for sale. Hate to see it go, I love the car so much lol. Few pics I snapped after the...
  17. 95mark8newyork

    Bought a 95 chameleon today. Pics

    Nicee! those headlights look mint too. I'm with everyone else, she looks like a keeper man. Those cobra heads work on the mark viii motor right? Those heads and intake combined with the 4.30s would be nasty... I vote for white Saleen wheels tho.
  18. 95mark8newyork

    Need ideas on Plasti-Dipping stripe(s)

    Nah your not. I was reading through the post and saw it. Then remembered there was a thread about a fellow member who has autism and thought that was ****ed up for asking you if you had it. Criticizing is one thing but what he said was totally uncalled for. Everyone gets the bashing is so old...
  19. 95mark8newyork

    A few pics of my beater..

    **** what a hunk of crap. Haha JK. That thing is clean! All the chrome looks really good, nice
  20. 95mark8newyork

    pics of my new car.

    Awesome!! Those termi's are badass. And yes they actually came with pony emblems, not cobras. People often swap the cobras in. An 03-04 termi is my dream car. Any mods yet?