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    Burn Outs!!!

    damn wat kind of exhaust does he got....i like it
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    1995 mark 8 PARTS CAR

    .. how much for the exhaust
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    95 Mark Viii For Sale

    hey guys im thinking about selling my mark viii :( dont really want too but i got too many toys lol this is the only pic i have for now ill try to get some more posted im askin $2000 for it OBO thanks
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    Fast Baggin the Mark VIII

    hey PIMP i live in illinois and was wondering if i bought all the equipment needed how much would you charge to do a fast bag set up in my mark also re tint the windows since the factory tint is fading????.....LMK THANKS
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    No horn to use!

    hey TR...where did you get that and how much did it cost?....i want one!! lol
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    overdrive switch?

    i was wondering if anyone might of had the same problem im over drive on off button/switch is not there something i need to check or fix?
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    heater core???

    i started my heater core "project" today and got about as far as getting the dash out...WHEW!!!! that was a pain in the a$$ but hopefully tommorow i will get the old heater core out and put the new one in and start putting it back together.....thanks for all of your help
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    heater core???

    yea it leaked all over the passenger floorboard it was a mess cleaning it up now i need to fix it lol.....i kno its not an "easy" fix it took me 4 hours to take one out of a sable before but i cant even find it in the mark
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    heater core???

    i have a 95 lincoln mark VIII and the heater core jus recently went out and i have fixed them before but never on a lincoln lol i jus took a glance but did not see it so i was wondering if anyone knew about where the heater core is located and if its a hard fix? any help will be appreciated thanks
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    New Water Pump.

    i have a questiion also dealing with the water pump......mine went out about a week ago and i have replaced it but after i was done i started it up and drove it prolly 3 miles and noticed it was running hot again i got a thermostat and im gonna replace that next but i was wondering if there...
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    Air Ride Switch off.

    hey im new to this forum and i have to say there is alot of ppl who really like there cars like me lol....but i was wondering if it would harm anything to ride around with my car all the way down? has been sittin for a couple weeks now and its completely low to the ground and i turned off...
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    Ride Height Question

    hey jus wundering where the sensor is that your talking about i have a set of 22's i want to put on my markviii but i kno they wont fit with it riding at its stock height is there any way to raise the car like 3" all they way around?
  13. 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Post A Pic. Of Your Mark VIII

    rays switch? hey everyone whats up? new on here and thought i'd check some stuff out...........whats this rays switch that i see ppl talking about? what does it do and where can i get one? i have a 95 mark viii and i want to start doing some mods to it and i want it...