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    96 Mark VIII Cranks but no start when engine warm?

    You don't want any one spraying the intake manifold mouth while you turn the engine over. If the engine backfires it could cause a dangerous explosion in the hands of the sprayer. Just spray the inside of the mouth until slightly wet, then quickly get to the key and turn it over. If there is...
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    Radiator Replacement

    It will over heat pretty quick since the pump will be air locked with no coolant moving out of the block.
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    Radiator Replacement

    Installing the radiator is not anything to be concerned about. Its the condition of your cross over plug thats used to refill the rad and The condition of the lower thermo housing as I pointed out in this article that might be of concern...
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    where to order a windshield washer button for 97 gen 2?

    The switch is not the issue. The chrome plastic washer button usually pops out with its spring at some point. Its a very simple plastic button that has 2 clip like plastic tangs and one thin plastic tang that pushes 2 contacts closed when depressed to start the washer pump. A plug & play R&R.
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    Beware of the P0500 Speed sensor melt down

    If you are not familiar with this check engine code on your MK, I just had it. With just over 90K on the car, I thought I would get a new speed sensor since that is what the P0500 code refers to and as I ordered a new Motorcraft sensor at Rock Auto, the Cart came up with a needed "sensor plug...
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    98 Base Mark VIII Value?: 32k miles, stored winters. British Green w/tan

    Prices on these cars vari greatly! My guess is 8-18K
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    Small radiator coolant leak

    looks like its leaking from the plastic end tank fitting gasket. Not sure how well pulling it apart at the plastic tank fitting would go and sealing it. I put an all aluminum rad in my 97 from Ebay and it works perfectly with no mickey mouse plastic to trans line fittings to deal with. Good luck...
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    Bank 1 IMRC

    get a Email out to Carlos at He can tell you what to do and sell you one if you need it.
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    Trans Dipstick oring

    Another thing thats worth thinking about is when they did the oil change, did they drain the torque converter via the TC drain plug along with the standard dropping of the pan? Ford was good enough to give us a TC drain plug that will get at least some 4 quarts of ATF out of a trans drain than...
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    Trans Dipstick oring

    Those couple drops may be a lot more with the trans pressurized running down the road. Checking your dip stick level accurately in the same spot with it in running temp is a better way to see how much your actually loosing. A simple way to check the dip stick tube O-ring is get a can of easy...
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    Trans Dipstick oring

    Mine was leaking like yours but worse and it was in fact the dip stick tube O- ring. I had a trans shop do the J mod and they replaced it. I had them drop the trans to put in new seals front and rear. The rear was leaking but front was just precautionary. I would think you should be able to take...
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    Derale Oil Filter relocation DISAPPOINTMENT!

    Well, I updated my relocation How Too article since I had a leak...again. Hoping to swap in a Trans Dapt head was even a BIGGER disapointment! But there is a fix to every problem and I outlined the fix to the most desirable solution. You can read about it at the end of the original article...
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    Shocks Struts or what ?

    Your front upper A arms are shot. EVERYONE gets to replace them on these cars. Go to Rockauto and get the ones with grease fittings. Most dont have that. The rear control arms are not as prone to blowing out like the front ones but getting the car off the ground and wiggle the arms around to see...
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    K&N Panel Air Filter vs Paper Air Filter Vs Cone (Cold Air)

    The K & N filter media used to be junk back as far as I know in the early 2000's. I bought one for a 6.5 Tahoe diesel I had and then read a vacuum test done on a variety of filters sucking a number of different air dust, dirt and ash threw the filters and then threw a white catch material. The...
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    Want coil springs

    Just google it. I think I did a Detroit Axle kit off Ebay. Everything fit fine but I put Monroe Air shocks on the back instead of the kit shocks back there. Car rides just fine.