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    1997 Mark VIII rear window seal / gasket

    I think your best bet is to get some of this 3/4" stuff and have them go around the window with it. The top curve will be tougher but once its stuck on there leave it in the sun and the black molding will come around to being curved. good luck...
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    98 Mark VIII LSC Stall

    My thought on this is the VCRM has burnt out its slow speed fan relay circuit. The fans in these cars are directly tied to the AC line pressure rather than direct engine temps. The fans are supposed to come on at low speed and then move to high speed as required. I'v read this was a common...
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    Custom mustang bumpers

    Looking at pictures of the 2 bumpers, I would say you are clearly in the "can of worms" of imaginary projection. I'm pretty sure the lincoln is wider and probably has greater frame projection over the pony car's smaller chasis. Not the mention the dropped joint line. Even if you could trim all...
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    PCM Replacement

    Between the 4 connectors, there are 90 pins. The SCIL stands for Steering Column Ignition Lighting. There are about 40 trouble codes that can come from the SCIL. The ones for starting issues would be B1342, ECU Defective, B1353, Ignition key in open circuit, B1360, Ignition Run/Acc Cicuit Open...
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    PCM Replacement

    There was a lengthy post here that I read about the same issue. Come to find out the SCIL that is located on the passenger kick panel is the lock stock n barrel of the anti theft system among other things. After reading about issues like yours, I jumped on Ebay and bought one from racebronco2 in...
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    97-98 HID Headlights story please

    The high beams are off the self halogens at any auto parts store. Ford's "better idea" on the low beams are the only lighting problem. As I said earlier, the fix is at the end of my article. If you have done mechanical work in the past, it would be a piece of cake to hook up good LED low beams...
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    where to get cooling fan motor

    From what I'v read, two of the 3 are joined inside the motor housing. These fans are supposed to be temp regulated via the AC line pressure. Not the actual engine temp. The additional wire is simply for an additional temp input sensor. The 2 wire motors are only one sensor input. The 3 wire fans...
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    97-98 HID Headlights story please

    Basicaly, Ford made only 30K 97-98 Mark VIII' plus a few late model 96's with these one of a kind Philips low beam HID bulbs. They worked OK but once they burn out, there is no direct replacements. I wrote a how to article on how to put the plentiful china HID bulbs in the car but the quality of...
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    God is Only a Theory

    Any one interested in exactly where the truth is "should" have enough time on their hands to listen to these NDE'ers. At the 49 minute mark, Howard was a devout atheist until his experience of physical death. Once he came back, he was a new man and a devout Christian / believer in God. One may...
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    God is Only a Theory

    Unfortunately, with all the disinformation leveled on a population of manipulated genetics, Its does look silly on the surface. But then its all part of the big picture to separate the boys from the men as to what REALLY is going on here. Christianity as practiced was in big trouble when the...
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    Air ride retention vs spring conversion

    Yeah, If you take the right side fender splash pan out, you can get at the compressor. Also if your car has any kind of miles on the fuel filter, its easy to replace with that fender pan off.
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    03/04 cobra svt supercharger fit?

    Could be a scam if its the same exact picture add.
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    ANOTHER LED low beam bulb takes the lead

    I'm finally done with the whole low beam situation! I put the final pictures of how to put the 9006's into the housings WITHOUT and adapters. The key to getting a somewhat correct rectangular beam print is how deep the bulb sits into the housing. Figured that out tonight. Once the admin approves...
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    Comment by 'xtriggerman' in article 'How to make 9005 Bulb adapters 4 Low Beam conversion'

    I promise this is the Last tweak worth mentioning to get a low beam that works similar to OEM. I found that the adapters that I made at the beginning of this article was pretty much part of the beam size problem. It was holding the bulbs out of the reflector cup too far. So I took the 9006 6...
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    Replacement cooling fan search

    After a bit of reading, I think what is going on is the VLCM has gone partly bad. Its mounted by the Air pump. It controls the variable speed rad fan that happens to be a 2 wire fan. The VLCM is supposed to first spin the fan at low power speed of 1000 rpm's once the engine's A/C pressure switch...