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    Trying to get my hands on SUICIDE LS

    I will drive out to come see it when it's ready. my background picture on my computer
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    been too long

    it's been quite a while since I've been on here wow. checking in on my Pennsylvania people. ready for Carlisle yet because I'm nowhere near ready
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    Informal poll about yranny solenoid

    my solenoid pack was bad 2 years ago. got it replaced and all was good for about 4 months and it went again. I just bought a new transmission to stop all of the problems unfortunately
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    04 lincoln ls seat

    Looking for a drivers seat for a 2004 Lincoln ls. it has the 8 point memory, roof airbags, and it is heated and cooled. it's been quite the needle in a haystack. I'm also the parts manager at a collision shop and no junkyards have any. if anyone has one it would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    For Sale Black on black '03 & '05 parts

    if you end up going back at all check on drivers side 8 point seats please and thank you
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    2014 LS Meet in St Louis

    i'm in!!! if your not first your last in go carts!!
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    2004 lincoln ls 3.9 v8 auto 135k parting out

    I'm looking for the back of the drivers seat. color is black if you have one
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    Gen2 Heatshield Development Thread

    its ok man. i f'd it up by using a 5 inch holesaw without taking measurments first. dddoooohhhh!!!! i have some people in nashville that will look at it and fab a new one.
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    Gen2 Heatshield Development Thread

    hite i text the number that you gave me but you never got back to me. the hole was too small so i cut a bigger hole in it and messed it all up of course. i used a 5 inch hole saw instead of measuring thinking i knew what i was doing but things never work the way i plan them to work.
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    For Sale parting out a 04 lincoln ls v8

    how much for the driveshaft? I could have someone come pick it up
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    well...I've been out of the loop for a while with work and all. my rear sub's blew about 2 months ago and I bought some kicker 6x9's. they fit perfect without drilling any extra holes. I also switched the fronts to kicker 6x8's and had the whole stereo re-wired so the 6x9's don't put out just...
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    wtb 04 lincoln ls rear end items

    i'm looking for rear end items for my 04 ls. Im pretty sure the u joints are going bad from all of the knocking going in and out of park, reverse, and drive. my driveshaft is also rusted pretty bad so i'd like that also if anyone has them. thanks!
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    Transmission problem? HArd shift then a drop in rpm's

    wow mine is doing the same thing. thanks for the feedback
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    For Sale 2002-2006 Lincoln LS Parts

    how are the struts and upper-lower control arms? and even the ball joints and bearings?
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    gen 2 lse rear bumper

    Well i havent had my car for a month yet and soneone already rear ended me. Instead of getting another regular bumper id like to find an lse bumper. Ill buy it anywhere i can get it as long as i can get it and not from the dealership. Thanks in advance.