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    Movin up to an "L" Model

    Hi Everybody, my 98 had some problems and just wasn't for me...I'm going the corporate route now...Dealer gave me a decent trade on this 2006 Signature L with 131K one corporate owner and good carfax with 44 service records tires tune up done less than 15K miles ago...looks super clean paint is...
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    Wanted Anyone Parting Out A 1998-2002 Town Car or have Parts?

    For openers, need a LINCOLN TOWN CAR RADIATOR SUPPORT COVER If you're parting a TC out or have parts for one please let me know, Thanks!
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    Newbie from FL just scored a 98 TC Cartier

    This will be my 4th TC Saw this one and just couldnt pass it up Two Senior Owners, FL Car Has 139K, upgraded aluminum intake, coil rear susp Nice Michelins, he took 2000 plus tax. How can ya say no to that? Good to be here and have another nice TC to drive