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    Poorly Implemented Safety Features in Today's Smarter Vehicles

    Slightly different item. I was watching a mechanic video and he was doing an oil change on a Prius. He warned the viewers that the key should be taken out of range of the vehicle. He has had Prius engines automatically restart while the vehicle was in the air and after he had drained the oil.
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    2006 Lincoln ls off the crusher

    I'm send my two manual transmission V6s to the crusher next week. Body rot on one and bad head on the other.
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    Manual 5 speed owners?

    I went 190K before the body rotted away. Original clutch.
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    For Sale Two Manual Transmission Lincoln (parts) - Orange Co, NY

    Last chance to the boneyard in two weeks
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    For Sale Two Manual Transmission Lincoln (parts) - Orange Co, NY

    I have two LS with manual transmissions I need to get rid of. I do not want to part out and prefer to sell both to one person. Black one 2000 LS I've owned for 17 years. Bought it with 35K now at 190K. Has been used as a daily drive all year with numerious trips to Vermont in the winter...
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    Need replacement driveshaft

    Go to a driveshaft specialist. 20 years ago when the u-joint on my XR4Ti got notchy I had a driveshaft shop weld new joints onto the shaft. Shaft was similar to the LS. GUIBO (rubber isolator) near the transmission, shaft, u-joint with staked bearing caps, center bearing, slip shaft and...
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    Balljoint Failure

    I installed a new knuckle (can't remember the brand). The lower bolt would not hold torque. Every six months or so the steering wheel would start getting off center and I'd have to retorque the lower bolt. I finally replaced the nut and used locktite. A month or so later the steering wheel...
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    Sold 2000 Lincoln LS 5 speed

    Nice color. These are great cars with the 5 speed.
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    Alternator questions

    While either will work but the manual does use the one way pulley design due to the quick change in RPM when shifting. Using the automatic alternator will increase vibration and shorten belt life. The local electrical shop swapped out the automatic pulley for the manual pulley when I replaced...
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    The correct tool to remove front wheel bearing & hub assembly?

    9 years later, my most popular post.
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    gas filler neck replacement

    Mine rusted through two years ago. From what I remember it was not too hard to change.
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    Windshield Washer Problem

    Joegr - on mine (2000 V6 MT) the low fluid level light stopped working awhile ago. Since then the washer works but the wipers do not come on when the washer is used. I turn the wipers on manually after having the washer spray on the windshield. So its possible for the washers to work without...
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    Brake Fluid Flush

    Brake Fluid DOT 4 is better when new, DOT 3 MAY BE better when old (its wet boiling point drops less than DOT 4). Either is fine for normal use.
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    How Many Lincoln Ls 5 Speed Manuals Are Left Out There??

    Nice looking car, good price. Mine has 190K on original clutch, Black tan interior, purchase it in 2003 with 38K. Good luck.
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    What is this part?

    Rear tie rod also called rear tracking link. Looks like yours need to be replaced