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    Hobbies : What do You love to Do?

    I like to tinker with computers.
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    Sorry about not being around

    Sorry peeps for not being around more but work has been a pain in the ass lately I lost part of my job in August and my income was cut in half. I will try to be on more but i don't know when.
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    Battery Draining

    I have seen them on ebay, sounds good.
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    Battery Draining

    Thank you
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    Battery Draining

    I have searched the threads and I am thinking about going with a 200 amp alternator. My question is would a 200 amp alternator be too much for my car ?
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    What does the inside of a Fuel Filter look like after 300,000 miles?

    Wow i know what i will be changing as soon as i change the alternator.
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    Battery Draining

    Thanks for the advice guys, i do plan on replacing the alternator when i can. I will replace the door switches next month.
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    Battery Draining

    Something is causing a drain on my battery. I got it tested tonight and the battery was good, what they told me was that the alternator was getting weak, and the key switch was bad. Would a combo of the two cause the battery to drain ? As a temp fix i had to have a kill switch installed on the...
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    11th Annual Beach Party 2016

    I plan on being there. The problems that kept me away from the meet this year are being brought under control.
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    GM separates Cadillac, moves headquarters to NYC

    Ever since driving a CTS-V three years ago, that just might be my next car hopefully :)
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    sound clip

    :W to :V
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    Navy Master Chief

    LOL that was good :)
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    This should shock some people lol

    Great seeing you posting again Jamie :Beer
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    Thanks Brent
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    Sorry i haven't been around much lately but i have been going through some real stressful times at home right now. My doctor put me on insulin and it's got me a little freaked at the moment and with the situation with my mom losing her job things are not going good at the moment. Things at work...