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  • I was wanting to order a chip for my 94 Mark. I was wondering if your sale was still going on? If I place the order this week how long would it take to reach me? Thanks,
    Are you still running the sale on the chips? How long would it take to recieve one if I ordered one? Thanks,
    hit me up. i wanna order a couple of the cobralincoln badges u have here. my email adress is i want the emblems chrome though thanks
    Hey George I have to get another payment from you, you sent it too PMS not made out to Me personally. I cant cash it.
    2 emblems and one key chain. money has been sent. thanks for getting these done. Im' on vacation and out of reach untill 10/27/10. I'll be back in touch then. george
    I need an address to send the money for the mdse. can you P.M. me or E-Mail me an address? thanks George Eisenhart E-Mail

    Just curious, I posted an ad for my car on Thursday and got the "Waiting for Approval" message, but it still hasn't been posted, nor my reply to another ad. Just wondering if there was a probem with either. I tried sending this to Joeychgo, but it said he has blocked private messages. Sorry to bother you with this.

    Hey Geno whats up, I ordered a set of Cobrastar emblems and wanted to check up on the order. Please pm me when you get a chance thanks amillion.
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