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  • hey i need a set of 2000 lincoln ls emblem overlays. they should be with a duke "D" logo stretched in royal blue with a black background and a set with that same logo in a white with a blue background.
    Hey, Geno. I wonder if I could ever plan a serious cross county trip and stay there long enough for you to rock my favorite VIII with some speed and coolness enhancements. She is a '97 LSC Black/Black, moonroof, heated seats, Pioneer headunit and only 60K miles. I'd LOVE to come back there and annoy you boys!!!!!! ;-) Just wishful thinking, I'm sure. But I can make it happen, once I sort my goofy 'up' mode... perhaps when I could go to an event on the way back????
    Hi dude, I am still waiting for the 2 cobra star metal fender parts and the trunk lock cover for the mark vii. I did pay you for those already. Any word when I will get them ? Painting happens next week.

    Thanks Tom Saluti
    Holy crap dude whats been up call me over the weekend anytime til 2 am 856 456 3605 cell 856 383 4869
    What up my brother !!!
    Hope all is well with you and the family.

    Question...I found a super super mint front license plate holder I never put on my 95 Mark VIII...
    what are these things going for on e-bay ?

    I havn't been able to find any and I know their hard to get.
    Hope your well Pal,
    There in stock and ready to ship, ls overlays. No emblems but were making decal versions of them in a week or so.
    We no longer have the emblems available but we will have chrome decals of the same emblem shortly. We do have emlem covers too for the LS.
    Hi, the Cragars that you have, are those 5x4.25 or 5x4.5? I saw a pic of your car in an old thread with wheel pics.
    No John there arent anymore left sorry and I highly doubt we will be running another batch, if we do it would be in Nov for an Xmas hit.
    Geno, my name is John and I had a stupid question. I'm sure you have been asked at least a thousand times so if it's irratating, just tell me to buzz off. Is there a possability of more of the cobrastars or if you know of any for sale? I appreciate the fact that you have already ran these a few time. Take care and hope things are going well, John
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