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    Well what are the codes reading? If plugs and could are ok then maybe your throttle body. I would replace maf first. It's cheaper
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    New Fog Lamps - 05 LS

    How much did you pay for your lights
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    looking for a 2010 lsotm calendar with my car in it

    Refer above
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    Bringing my car back to life

    Ya i have it, it's a gm color, 519F. As far as powder coating goes, i don't think they have a metallic finish like paint does, could be wrong but if you have an inferior paint job it will chip much more easier. They came painted from factory so i would say if you take care of them you will...
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    Bringing my car back to life

    Swamp thing?
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    Bringing my car back to life

    I had them blasted and repainted. The wheels on there now are stock first Gen lse wheels
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    Bringing my car back to life

    Just went by shop to check my car out, freshly painted bumper and front end... next is polish up headlights
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    Biggest Douche of The Month

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    Eibachs, 2nd Gen Hid Halos, Wheels Wheels Cai

    Can't believe i sold all my stuff...
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    Bringing my car back to life

    275/35 rear 245/40 front. I had 265/35 on the rear before and I didn't like how they looked. They needed to be wider
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    Bringing my car back to life

    Thanks. That rear seat bottom may work!
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    Bringing my car back to life

    Hey guys, as you know I've been gone awhile. Allot has happened to my car since I've been gone. Sold my halos, sold my sentas, my OZ Wheels, and my fondmetals. Also sold my intake. About 3 ago i got my bumper repainted because the wife backed into it. Well one month later my drywall...
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    Eibach Lowering Springs. Stupid Question.

    Your will need cam bolts for front.. Rear non adjustable. I buy rear tires every other year
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    New'ish member back!

    Yes the Mark3 is absolutely beautiful, needs nothing, beautiful engine bay and a 15k paint job back in1998. It has won the Lincoln Continental owners club major award 1st place at a national meet. It's a 90+point car on a bad day. The66 I'm thinking going custom
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    New'ish member back!

    Been a long time but I'm back. Never sold my car but I did sell my halos, 3sets of Wheels and my intake. I still have my Zeus Wheels which I will be picking up from the paint shop today. Will post pics later.. here are a few more cars I have picked up along the way