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    Headlight Assy.

    If you're looking for an HID headlight, I have a driver's side packed and ready to ship. It's NOS, never installed with the plastic covering still applied.
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    Lowering springs

    I had Eibach's on my 2006 LS. The only downside was excessive ball joint wear. Like every 50K miles or so.
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    Another LS Swap

    Nice! Enjoy the car!
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    Another LS Swap

    But the OP lives in Kommiefornya and we aren't allowed to do ANY engine swaps (other than what the car came with) or intake upgrades (without a CARB sticker).
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    Fabulous Fords Forever Show

    I believe this past FFF was the last. I'm unaware of any current SoCal LS owners. As far as I can tell, we've all moved on; even we diehards.
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    Another LS Swap

    How do you plan on passing smog and getting it registered?
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    For Sale Sirius satelllite parts & HID headlight

    I pulled this out of my 2006 LS when I sold it. It worked just fine when I uninstalled it and is the factory adapter. It is plug-n-play; you just have to activate the subscription. Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48. I also have a driver's side NOS HID headlight for sale... $675 shipped.
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    What grille is this?

    And if I put an M5 on my deck lid that makes it an M5 (as opposed to an m-sport).
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    What grille is this?

    No such thing as an LS Super Sport. Anything you have that says SS is either a dealer or previous owner installed piece.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    N Nope... 4-door and less than 300K total cars produced and no aftermarket (or manufacturer for that matter) support. There can't be more than a couple hundred thousand left on the road.
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    Dash Pad for Glare Reduction

    Try polarized sunglasses. I can't use them on my current car because it washes-out the HUD but I sure miss them.
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    Newer Vehicles ARE Monitoring Your EVERY Move

    That was me! Someone at work asked me how we "did it" with one income. I said easy; we don't take expensive vacations, have all the "toys", new, fancy cars or latest, greatest gadgets. We only had a microwave because it came with the house! Our 1st LS was the nicest, most expensive car we had...
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    Poorly Implemented Safety Features in Today's Smarter Vehicles

    Only on some cars... I coded our 2012 to default to "off" and our 2014 remembers the last setting; which for me is "off".
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    Newer Vehicles ARE Monitoring Your EVERY Move

    There are many UN troops here already and DHHS has more ammo than most of us combined! Also, the RealID is the start of "show me your papers"! Real ID Exposed: It Is Worse than You Think | Constitutional Alliance
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    Newer Vehicles ARE Monitoring Your EVERY Move

    It'll be here next. The Thought Police are real... Facebook To Give French Judges Identifying Data Of People Suspected Of Hate Speech, Official Says