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    Intercooled B Head Supercharger. The one most said couldn't be done!

    I am interested in pricing as well.
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    98 Mark VIII Shift Knob Removal

    Pull down the black sleve under the leather knob to expose the 2 torx set screws. Be sure to hold onto the button, as once you remove the knob the button and spring will come up. Good luck!
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    Custom air struts

    Chapman Universal Kit – Front or Rear
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    Anyone going to Carlisle this year?

    I am going this year Bill. Does LOD still do a banquet on Saturday night?
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    how beautiful...

    I sold my 5sp converted Mark VIII last year that Mike built for $6000. Here is the build thread: This is what It looked like when I sold it:
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    For Sale 23 Lincolns for sale

    Your PM box is full. I am interested. Please pm me.
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    Towing a travel trailer

    I once hauled a mark viii on a car trailer being pulled by another mark viii...
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    Installed sequential taillights on my first gen... finally

    I will also be VERY interested in a tech write up also.
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    Look who is back

    Great looking car Craig!
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    Junkyard finds!

    Someone needs to go get these rare parts off of these cars before it's too late: 94 with cowl hood and lms 3 piece wing: 98 CE 96 LSC...
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    Gen I projector install

    Those look fantastic! great job.
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    Got the car out with new shoes

    Looks fantastic!
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    Temple Performance Cars

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    Back in the Mark VIII game

    That is a great looking car. Cant wait to see the progress.