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    Rockauto is confusing

    Based on my research several years ago (which I still have the spreadsheet for), those are for a Gen 1, front, standard suspension. The part numbers I have for the front and Rear for a Gen 1, V8, Standard suspension. Front Revised Part # Other Part # Type Color 1W4Z-18124-BA...
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    2004 LSE shocks

    Sachs shocks for the LS can be found on Ebay.
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    I don't have white marked struts? I bought the yellow marked.

    I don't have white marked struts? I bought the yellow marked.
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    Rockauto close out parts

    Woohoo, I got the two rear struts, been looking for these for years. My car has standard suspension and needs the yellow marked struts.
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    2000lsv8 A/C

    Try this thread maybe. This is what I replaced last year on my car, this o-ring. 2002 ls v8 ac compressor oil leaking
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    What's this thing called?

    Anti-lock brake module (or sometimes called ABS module), I would presume.
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    New Starter Not Engaging

    I had a similar problem just this month when I replaced my starter. Check the wire connection on the starter solenoid and make sure you didn't put in on backwards. If you put it on backwards, that little metal tab will be sticking out. I put mine on backwards and that metal tab was hitting...
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    2002 ls v8 ac compressor oil leaking

    I ordered the Scroll Compressor Control Valve MC924I from Century Air, waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime been trying to find the torque spec for the two bolts holding the metal plate on, can't find a torque spec in the shop manual. Does anybody know the torque spec? I replaced just...
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    2002 ls v8 ac compressor oil leaking

    Changed my motor oil last week and noticed the compressor is leaking again. I guess the seal I put in was either not put in correctly or just started leaking again. Good thing I bought two of these seals. I am wondering if I should replace the metal plate holding the seal in place? My GOD a...
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    Transmission vibration during shifting

    Or out of balance tires at that speed.
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    Ignition lock

    Mine gets stuck sometimes, I really have to wiggle the steering wheel quite hard to get it to unlock.. While wiggling the wheel I turn the key in the ignition and it finally unlocks.
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    Leaking fluid ( hydraulic fan maybe?)

    I would be interested in the lower radiator hose fit my 2002 V8 without oil cooler. I am really surprised no one wanted to claim free new parts!
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    Misfire still present after coil/plug replacement

    So that is the fuel trim levels at 1472 average rpms. You need to do two separate tests, no need to worry about the 3500 rpm test due to rev limiter. One test at idle for 30 seconds then record the fuel trim data. Then the second test at 2500 rpm for 30 seconds then record that fuel trim data...
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    Misfire still present after coil/plug replacement

    In my opinion, the fuel trims look ok...not great. But did you following the directions in the article Joe posted? "all fuel trim values should be taken at a minimum of at least three steady engine speeds, these being at idle, at about 2500 RPM, and at about 3500 RPM. Note also that fuel trim...
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    2000 Ls v8 Rear LCA source

    I have two of those air hoses. One still new in the package as backup. Those were great hoses.