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  • I just had to repost this pic here. The car is so shiny that it seemed to be in stealth mode to my iPhone camera. Everything else was in focus but the car. Kewl. Sparkly.

    and this one, too... just 'cause :p :D

    Some more progress on the engine... Gatorback S-belt, new stainless steel hoses and anodized aluminum finishers, new reservoir to thermostat, lower radiator to thermostat, thermostat + O ring, new digital battery terminals for contact and coolness factor, progress on retaping and securing the wirelooms, and, of course, coolant flush and refill. :p And, she's running like a dream after her new NGK Laser Iridium plugs install that I did last week :D Vrrm, vrrrrmmm, vrrrrm!!! And those EuroSunday boys thought my engine was sweet last month!! Since the last meet, I've sensor lowered the car, had the new LMS mufflers installed, redressed the interior trim pieces in Pactra Grape Pearl and the lighting is now a gorgeous purple, too. :L

    That picture is pretty cool. With the way the car is the only thing in focus, it looks like a model car sitting in front of a real backdrop. I've seen pictures like that before and it's a new popular photography trend right now, I just can't remember what it's called:) But I like it! And the car sits just about the perfect height. It looks great.
    I decided to start my own photo thread here instead of bothering everybody with pics all the time :p

    I just took another photo of my car yesterday and, after closer inspection, think I went entirely around in a circle with my sensor lowering. It looks just like it did the first time and it seemed too low and scary to drive around like that. I tweeked on it another three more times and I think it looks exactly the same... but now I love it and haven't scratched it on anything.

    Sometimes, stuff is just right the first time :D

    I just got the last LF air spring from Rock Auto on sale for $207. YIPPEEEEE!!! I'm staying with air ride as long as I can :D
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