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    For Sale ‘98 LSC toreador red $1,000

    Yes, finally picked up.
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    For Sale ‘98 LSC toreador red $1,000

    Tentatively sold
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    For Sale ‘98 LSC toreador red $1,000

    160K. Nope, it’s on the ground in the rear... thanks for asking! Jim
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    For Sale ‘98 LSC toreador red $1,000

    Located in Gainesville, VA I think I have given up, to old n tired to wrench on three cars... I bought this car 20 yrs ago and babied ever since. I have a huge book of all the records and receipts. The bad... Rear air shocks on the ground Front pump in trans groans when cold Front...
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    Wanted Mark VIII Rear Airbags with valves in good shape and or pump

    Or suggestions of Good aftermarket units... bought a Dorman and relay was in wrong spot, mounting holes were not even close and 'dryer' was an empty tank... sigh no pride in product anymore. So sticking with use OEM or a recommendation on solid aftermarket stuff... Thanks! Jim 98 LSC
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    Blower Motor Dead?

    *bump* anyone got a harness they want to sell?
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    Need 97-98 steering column

    My column moves around a bit too much for my liking so I need better one... Before it drops in my lap... The potentiometer can be bad As mine is new. Anyone got a decent one? Also can use the steering column cover on top, the big bump mine the tabs broke so it’s loose on one side... see...
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    Blend Door Motor Recommendations

    Yuppers! The ultimate blend door motor tutorial is awesome and does fix the job permanently now. Replaced mine three times and this fix has lasted the longest!
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    Lincoln Mark VIII; Parts Availability

    As unique as these cars are... parts limitations are one of the trials of ownerships... lots of members here have parts n parts cars or access to them... just ask and post in parts section.
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    Wanted WTB Mark VIII 10 spoke chrome center caps

    Mark VIII 10 spoke chrome center cap (2). Thanks!
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    For Sale Lots of OEM, NOS parts

    10 spoke chrome center cap? Need two but take what I can get :)
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    For Sale WTB chrome 10 spoke drivers side

    Need for my 98 Mark VIII, got one leaking around the rim it’s gotten so corroded. Prefer great shape... I have a New center cap so don’t care if it’s missing. Thanks!
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    Taillight Ballast

    You still have? Might be interested!
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    Need to buy F3LY3A187A Bushing Kit (Strut rod)

    it was the inner F3LY-38282-B sleeve that i was lacking. If you have one I am still interested. Jay is making me a set of stainless ones but I have a new outer sleeve that I want to match up with a inner and assemble a full side. It is really hard to assemble these wrong.. For one Ford was...
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    Need to buy F3LY3A187A Bushing Kit (Strut rod)

    i am getting the stainless ones from Jay... whew thank goodness!