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    Wanted 90-92 blue steering wheel

    Like the title says, let me know if you have one, thanks.
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    Is the rear end from a 91 Mark the same as mustang?

    All 8.8 housings are the same. The diffence in length is in the axle length. With that said the diff in the 91 mustang and mark vii are both 28 spline traction loks. Gear ratios may be different as the mark vii came with 3.08 or 3.27. I believ the mustang came with 2.73 or 3.08.
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    New Car: 1986 T-Bird Turbo Coupe

    Cool car. I had an 88 5.0 auto car for awhile, wish i still had it. If it were me id throw some perfomance parts at it. Make it handle and go a little better. Good luck.
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    Personal Parts Car at the Scrapyard

    Looks nice, good score.
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    For Sale 1990 lincoln mark vii

    White with blue interior, car has 138839 miles on it. It was sitting for awhile and i brought it back from the dead. Air suspension works and does not leak, no idiot lights on, brakes work, has factory carr phone, working marchal fog lights pm me or email me for more info. car...
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    For Sale 90-92 mark vii red interior

    Almost complete with the exception of the dashboard. I have the carpet, seatbelts, front and rear seats, qp trim panels, sunvisors, headliner, pillar trims, glovebox, steering wheel, door panels, package tray console and floor trims. The interior is an 8 to 9. No rips, burns, tears. I can email...
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    Turbo Mark VII Time

    Awesome build thread. Keep it coming.
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    For Sale FS- complete lincoln mark 8 exhaust

    Came off my 98 mark 8. Complete manifold back. 2.50 inch with MagnaFlow stainless x style center muffler, and 2 rear polished MagnaFlow mufflers. It may have 1000 miles on it. Fully welded. Aluminized steel, compression bent. Located in central nj. $200. Text me at 19179026176. Or you can email...
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    For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)

    The car was sold today. Thank you to all who purchased parts. The only parts I have left is the sip cold air kit, 200 amp alternator, both rear taillamps, and the complete exhaust with 3 magna flowufflers (maybe sold)
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    For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)

    I do not believe I will have the time to remove the transmission. If I get it out I will let you know......The following have been sold..left fender, drivers seat track, drivers airbag, coils, and wiper switch. I should add that the car also has stainless steel magnolia mufflers 2.5 inch...
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    For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)

    Mass air flow, sensor, and c&l filter, and adapter. Its for the factory 24s Text me and ill send you a pic
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    For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)

    The following has been sold, both mirrors interior trim panels, fan Assyrian, tuner,intake manifold, fuel rails, imrc, window motors, door handles, valve covers.........headlanps and underdrives pending sale