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howard just got your message I have a chrome grill I have kept since 2008 it is like brand new. --NO EYE BROWS AS YOU ASK FOR - JUST THE GRILL. COST IS $525 PLUS MAILING. SO IF YOU WANT IT i NEED YOUR MAILING ADDRESS AND YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER SO WE CAN TALK. 954-720-0475 ANDREW.
Aggie , I have complete Owners Manual for '97 Mark VIII ! Do you still want one ! Good Luck , Sonny
Sonny Day Out
Sonny Day Out
Craig , I do not do texting , My wife doe's , but she is not here ! I have three pictures of the Owner's Manual ! I want $ 25.00 plus shipping ! Call me at 757 420-1484 , if you are interested ! Elliot and I would like to find the article od sunroofs/moonroofs ! I called you , but your mailbox is full ! Sonny
I can call on Monday. Thanks.
Hey guys I have a question don't know if anyone can help but how would I reset the values and cam I had to replace the timing chain teacher and I think I leafed the cam up to high in the bac is raised up or do I just tighten the can down with the brackes
I like the orginal tikre size , 16 inch over the 20 inch because 20 inch overly slim takes away from the gracefull body style of the lincioln while the 16 inch axcents the llines foir this car. Get 16 inch .there wider and look like they fit the lincoln's styling
changed the oil in the F150, i also replaced the TPS on that as well, had kinda a rough idle, none of my 5.4's have had this issue before, however a lot of the 4.6's ive worked on with rough idle is the TPS, or Throttle Position Sensor.
currently replacing brake pads and rotors on the palisade.

took it on a trip to the eastern us and the salt got to the rotors, everything else is clean tho.
sold the 96 mark viii to an older guy, sad to see it go but i got some cash off of it.
What broke while you owned it. I have a 96 too
sorry for the late response!

i blew a headgasket while driving on the interstate, i got it fixed but then i had the amazing idea to go thrash it and i threw a damn rod through the block, the older man i sold her to replaced the whole motor and is currently restoring her.
I’m pissed off and patiently waiting to pop the F off after having read the forums on here. I knew something was up; I just didn’t know what exactly. Now I know and I can relate to every forum on here because I have all those problems.. at the same time‍♀️
Good Morning, I'm trying to change the fuel pump in my 1997 Mark VIII LSC. I unstrapped the tank, Removed the fill hoses, went to lower the tank to remove the pump lines, and the tank WON't come down. Any ideas? Thanks
I elected to cut it at the 2nd fitting from the top where the left and right sides have a Y fitting. And lastly, as you are coming down, you will have to pull the tank forward to get the filler hoes to snake down out of the irs. Hope this helps. I know nobody else here will help you.
You are so right. The club seems to have changed from back in 2015, I see questions more than answers. Might be me getting old What your opinion?
Thanks you for the help. I have tried everything to also release a plastic line. I've used fuel line clip releases to no avail. Any ideas?
Haven't been able to start my engine with the replacement head gaskets because I have an open short in my electrical system .
Go to just answers, cost 25.00, ask a lincoln expert. This is not for sure. I can give you the name of a master ford lincoln mechanic if you are willing?
My 1998 LSC remains on her original air ride suspension. I know exactly why our marks got a bad name and it is a very easy thing to do right, no mechanics get this right. I did it all myself and my car has been up for the past 6 years she rides like a dream "SAME LIKE FACTORY" Andrew.
Okay, I'm in. What did you do?
I am looking for some type of diagnotic tool that hooks into the underhood interface that will scan for codes, electrical issues, etc. Can someone help by advising onf the proper scanner. This is for a 94 MKVIII.
If you still have it I would like to get a price on it I still have factory radio so it would be great if we could come to a reasonable price.
Lincoln NY
I have the factory radio for sale 347-494-2235
Just bough ta 2002 LSe with 28000 original miles on is perfect.owned by a 84 year old who can't drive anymore......what do you think I could sell it fot in the US ?????? I'm in Canada