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Good Morning, I'm trying to change the fuel pump in my 1997 Mark VIII LSC. I unstrapped the tank, Removed the fill hoses, went to lower the tank to remove the pump lines, and the tank WON't come down. Any ideas? Thanks
Haven't been able to start my engine with the replacement head gaskets because I have an open short in my electrical system .
My 1998 LSC remains on her original air ride suspension. I know exactly why our marks got a bad name and it is a very easy thing to do right, no mechanics get this right. I did it all myself and my car has been up for the past 6 years she rides like a dream "SAME LIKE FACTORY" Andrew.
Okay, I'm in. What did you do?
I am looking for some type of diagnotic tool that hooks into the underhood interface that will scan for codes, electrical issues, etc. Can someone help by advising onf the proper scanner. This is for a 94 MKVIII.
If you still have it I would like to get a price on it I still have factory radio so it would be great if we could come to a reasonable price.
Lincoln NY
I have the factory radio for sale 347-494-2235
Just bough ta 2002 LSe with 28000 original miles on is perfect.owned by a 84 year old who can't drive anymore......what do you think I could sell it fot in the US ?????? I'm in Canada
I have returned! With a 1987 Continental. Looks a bit different but makes all the same sounds as my dearly departed Bill Blass Mark VII.
Had to get rid of both of my Mark VIII's, my 93 Professor Plum and my 98 Miss Scarlet, rusted frames (not unlike me) but I have picked up a 2017 MKX AWD 3 liter twin turbo and am having a blast with the 400hp/400ft.lbs torque. It's not a Mark but then what is?
1998 lincoln mark viii lsc coolant is disappearing only leak i can find with a detector kit is where it comes out of the reservoir it will drive 5 or 6 miles thennlow coolant light comes on and at that point almost all coolant is gone and the reservoir is boiling withh what littl is left in it. brand new radiator wtf
1997 Mark VIII LSC 150,000 original miles I bought the car with 200 miles Its my everyday car I love my Mark VIII
$300 for driveshaft with yoke is fair. I suggest bubble wrap, then wrap three or four layers of cardboard - it's easy to get a big empty box from any furniture or appliance store. Fold the ends over and wrap the whole thing in dollar store shipping tape. The cost to ship will be about $25 to $30 , plus $5 to insure it for $600 at the UPS store. Obviously, I'll pay those costs.
2004 Aviator base model 2wd​
Retains all factor componets-SoundMarket indash 6dc
Currently trying to find a location to splice in a LOC, for aftermarket amp. Have tried after the factory amp and sounded weak and clipped ... As by recommendations would be appreciated.
Sold LS 2006 last year.Too much rust on passenger side dog leg,2000$ to fix.Garage gave me 900$ and was going to sell the two catalytic converters for the same price he said,plus use parts to fix other Lincoln’s and Jags.