You think your job sucks???


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Mar 2, 2004
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Try a couple of these jobs. Kudos go out to Dean D. He's a buddy of mine that posted these to me in an email. I got a good laugh and I thought I would share.

Human Target.jpg

Elephant Poop.jpg

big and small office.jpg
Done Deal!

Hey y'all! Thanks for the credit Bryan, although it wasn't needed. I hope to get to visit this site more. It looks like a great place to hang the hat! (Especially the less-regulated forums) ;-) Thanks for the quick welcome. I gotta go to Philosophy class now so take care!

I think, therefore I am.

I eat, therefore im fat.

See why I flunked philosophy in college?
WooHoo! Welcome TexasMark...welcome, welcome. Now get to class and don't come back until you have learned something.
Awesome LoL! I would hate to be in that cubicle--
Man it really makes you think things could be worse---is this an ephany: new found appreciation for my 70 hour plus work week and going to college and seeing the girlfriend---probably not but got a laugh...
Hmmm... My wife keeps telling me she wants a job working with animals....... Think I found a job for her now. Thanks for the help guys!

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