You know you're a Mark VIII fanatic when...


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Dec 26, 2006
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I just had to post this. Most of these are actually pretty generic "sports car" type items, since the list is primarily pulled from a different forum for different vehicles, but I'm pretty sure they all apply to at least some of us. The real "Mark VIII exclusive" items start around #50. Feel free to add.

1) When you have to buy tires every year.

2) Driving on the on ramp to the highway means wide open throttle

3) You can spot another Mark from a half mile by the trunk hump.

4) When you take more pics of your car than anything else.

5) When you meet total strangers that have a Mark and act like old friends from high school..

6) When you are always looking for more traction

7) When old people shake their fist at you.

8) When old guys give you a thumbs up

9) When you have to drive at an angle driving on to/up steep driveways and roads. (This is for us lowered guys.)

10) You completely disregard fuel economy and just drive for the hell of it

11) When you're waiting for your check to clear just so you can add another mod

12) When you tell people not to lean on your car

13) When you dont mind people staring at your car

14) You drive passed an alll glass building and just look at your cars reflection

15) When you take the long way to a store just so you can have as much driving time as possible

16) Instead of trying to beat the redlight, you hope it stops you so u can race from the dig

17) When a conversation starter becomes "So what have you done to her?"

18) when you are coming to a dip in the road too fast, your stomach twists, and you involuntarily pick up your feet cuz you know the exhaust is about to scrape. (Again, for the lowered crew)

19) You wash your car at least twice a week, with a touch-up in between, and think this is perfectly normal. But your family and friends think you have a problem.

20) When you put it in the garage at night before you turn out the light, you take one last look and smile.

21) You buy your wife/gf their own Mark VIII so they don't drive yours anymore.

22) You start seeing Mustangs in your rear-view mirror on a regular basis.

23) Ricers constantly make fools of themselves trying to beat you.

24) When you see a cop or any car with lights on top you already feel guilty, like when exiting a store and thinking the theft alarm is going to go off. Even though you did nothing wrong.

25) When you meet someone new and you are sooooo looking forward when they ask you what type of car you drive. You might even drop hints so they ask sooner, "nah i wish I can go out on saturday but I have to work on my car...."

26) When you change lanes immediatly if you see some sprinklers running

27) When you take forever to park in a parking lot because you analyze every possible outcome about parking next to this guy or that guy and end up parking across the street and still some jerk parks next to you, but you dont get mad if its another Mark...

28) You have to dry your car twice, because after the first time, you open the hatch and the rear quarters get soaked again.

29) You dont rotate your tires, You just move the fronts to the rears and buy 2 new ones for the front.

30) When you go into a Shopping Center you park in the farthest corner from the door, and gather shopping carts on the way in, and put them in the cart corral, so you won't find them against your car when you come back out.

31) Your heart skips a beat after filling up the tank.

32) You see 2 slow cars racing and you join the race just to see the look on their face as you pass them from 5 cars behind.

33) You only put half a tank in on Saturday night because you don't need the extra 'race weight'

34) You drive a 'normal' car and you think there is something wrong because it barely moves at 50% throttle

35) Timing chain rattle is considered normal.

36) When you have to hide the bank statements so your wife won't know how much you spent on mods that month.

37) When you stop associating with someone (for good) for making a disrespectful comment about your car

38) When you spend more $ on detailing supplies than you do on food.

39) When you know your cars birthday, but not your woman's

40) You slow down to let some ricer catch up, then give him the thumbs down and smoke him.

41) When all you think about is your car and what to do to it next

42) Your blood pressure goes through the roof the second you see a car parked right next to yours, and the only relief you get is after a thorough investigation of that side.

43) You don't have "oh crap handles".

44) When you don't mind getting out of bed in the morning remembering what you're about to drive to work in.

45) You are the only one allowed to buy a drink at drive-thrus because there's only ONE cupholder and you don't want anyone else spilling.

46) Your cellphone wallpaper is your car.

47) Your computer wallpaper is your car.

48) Everyone at work knows your car, and what you've done to it, and what (if anything) is wrong with it.

49) When someone you know says "I saw you at..." because they think they saw your car, they're usually right.

50) When people ask you where you got so much money to buy such a great car, and you tell them a new Kia costs over twice what you paid for your Mark.

51) You've become a master at Limbo from having to squeeze into your car when someone parks too close to it.

52) Backseat passengers have threatened to sue for nearly having their feet crushed by the auto-glide front seats.

53) You're constantly correcting new owners who call their Base model an LSC.

54) The Cobras have a Mark VIII engine! Not vice-versa!

55) You refuse to buy Regular gas no matter how high Premium gets.

56) You do your own transmission flushes for the sole purpose of not having to explain to the mechanic five times what the right fluid type is.

57) (1st Gen Base models) You hate not having HIDs.

58) (All LSCs and 2nd Gens) You hate having HIDs.

59) When you do a burnout, you have to do it twice to keep the tires even.

60) You would love to have a transmission from a '98, but want a driveshaft from a '93.

61) When another Mark VIII owner talks about "lasagna" you know they're not referring to pasta.

62) You know how to tell if that LSC badge is legit, and say something if it isn't.

63) When a post is entitled "What's this in my transmission pan?" you know what it is before you even read the post.

64) You laugh at other cars that have to shift more than once to get to 90 MPH.

65) When you realize you're five car lengths ahead of the "pack" even though you only gave it 1/3 throttle, you wonder if that light really did turn green.

66) You can relate more with other "sports car" owners than you can with other Lincoln owners.

67) When your friend offers you a ride in their "new" car you want to say "I'll follow you"

68) You buy expensive new factory floor mats and then refuse to let anyone put their feet on them, explaining that they are "for show"
Have you been spying on me? Or are we all that predictable?
In reference to # 21

Well I my second Mark VIII was purchased because my wife wouldn't let me drive what she called hers...

In reference to # 27

I call it staying in shape and a family exercise program....

You forgot the one about the box of replaced parts in the garage used for either giving to your LvC friends when they need help...

Or For making more money for new parts...

Or You've become good friends with guys named Max and Eddie...
- You use the Mark VIII as a unit of currency. For instance, most people think $12k is a good deal for a new Hyundai. But you wonder in disbelief why anyone would spend 4 Marks on a Hyundai.

- You see the rear quarter of what you think is a Mark VIII and start to get excited for an instant, until you realize that it's just a 96-99 Sable.

- When driving someone else's car, you almost wreck it when you turn the wheel an inch to go around a curve, and it keeps going straight.

- When someone else drives your car, they almost wreck it when they twitch the wheel a little and the car darts into the next lane.

- You take the interstate whenever possible so you can wind out first gear without losing your license.
Whenever passing slow moving vehicles to take it up to 100 mphs because it can get there before getting infront of the car you are passing.


Your wife says there's a truck coming what do I do... You say punch it... She says oh $hit I'm going 120 mph....
Your wife says there's a truck coming what do I do... You say punch it... She says oh $hit I'm going 120 mph....

Is there a story behind this? If so please tell...
Hehe... "Officer, it only felt like I was doing 65! I had no idea I was going 110!"
Is there a story behind this? If so please tell...

In 2004 about a month after purchasing my first Mark VIII (my 93). My wife and I took it on at trip to CO.

On the return after stoping at a rest stop for a pit stop... my wife was following a semi as on the on ramp. The truck was movie very slow and there was traffic coming. As we made it to the freeway my wife moved into the passing lane. I asked what are you doing.. She said there was a truck coming behind us in the lane. I said what about the one coming in this lane.:eek:

She said what should I do... I say floor it:cool: . She did.. with in seconds she was screaming "OMG I'm doing 120". I replied ya, isn't it great... :D LOL..
you forgot to say, when your car wakes up on the ground b/c the air bags are shot. LOL!!!
Adding to the list...

69) When you fishtail after a 1-2 shift on wet roads.

That actually happened to me a couple times after I first got my Mark. Was a little heavy-throttled to get onto a highway in the rain, and ended up fishtailing between two lanes for a few seconds after the 1-2 shift!
When you have to pump the jack eleven more times to get it off the ground than you thought you would since the body flexes so much...
Lmao, I like the one were u go up to complete strangers with mark 8's and just start talking to them like u know them, lol. Did that last week at a car show lmfao, the guy just bought the car it had the panther package. I like the one about ricers that dont learn, I love the import mentality combined with the lincolns are slow old men cars, lol when will they learn
I love the import mentality combined with the lincolns are slow old men cars, lol when will they learn

Lol I got stomped on earlier by a Mazdaspeed 6. I figured it was going to happen but i figured wtf. I'll give you a go.
When you have to pump the jack eleven more times to get it off the ground than you thought you would since the body flexes so much...

HA! Sad but true. :) To put it another way:

When you think the first step to jacking up a car is: "Remove all your belongings while you can still open the doors."
The punk kid at my school who drives said it was a 6 cylinder, I geuss that what I get for beleiving him.

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