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May 8, 2004
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Tuxedo, NY
I had another thread going on front end noise. Since the thinking there was its likely the front shocks, I'm investigating which ones to order. I've searched and didn't find any good write-ups on which shocks are which for 6 cylinder cars (mine's a 2000 V6 with Manual Transmission).

The FoMoCo parts site (FORDPARTS.COM) list three shocks from my front (I'm assuming these are Standard, Sport and European). Not sure why they give me the choice since they have the VIN and know its a manual transmission (which automatically means sports suspension). Any way here are the descriptions:

Part # 18124 (ASH-149) - All 6 cylinder engines, $108.92
XW43-18B036-BB L/Fr Spg/Shk - 2FB,
XW43-18B036-AB R/F SPG/SHK-2FA,
XW43-18B036-CB L/Fr Spg/Shk - 2FC,
XW43-18B036-CB R/F SPG/SHK-2FC,
XW43-18B036-BB R/F SPG/SHK-2FB,
XW43-18B036-AB L/F Spg/Shk - 2FA;
Red (Front)

Part # 18124 (ASH-26) - All 6 cylinder engines, $145.93
XW43-18B036-JB L/F Spg/Shk-2FJ,
XW43-18B036-JB R/F SPG/SHK-2FJ,
XW43-18B036-KB L/F SPG/SHK-2FK,
XW43-18B036-KB R/F SPG/SHK-2FK,
XW43-18B036-LB L/F SPG/SHK-2FL,
XW43-18B036-LB R/F SPG/SHK-2FL;
White (Front)

Part# 18124 (ASH-151) - All 6 cylinder engines, $99.92
XW43-18B036-UB L/F SPG/SHK-2FU,
XW43-18B036-UB R/F SPG/SHK-2FU,
XW43-18B036-TB R/F SPG/SHK-2FT,
XW43-18B036-TB LH Fr Spg/Shk - 2FT,
XW43-18B036-VB LH Fr Spg/Shk - 2FV,
XW43-18B036-VB R/F SPG/SHK-2FV;
Silver (Front)

So which (Red White or Silver) is which (Standard, Sport, European)?
And how firm is the European?
Based on pricing I'm going with Red or Silver (whichever is non-standard).

Rear is a little easier

Part 18125 (AT-703-G) Standard Suspension OEM Yellow Rear $161.67

Part 18125 (AT-704-G) Special Suspension OEM Lavender Rear $161.67

Part 18125 (AT-705-G) Performance Suspension OEM White Rear $168.83

So here yellow is standard and I'm unsure which (Lavender or white) is which (Sport or European)?

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