Whats the mileage on your LS?



I think all you fellas need to drive your cars more. I have 203,690 and climbing. Great car!
19000 miles on my 2005. I bought it brand new, and its been in the rain maybe 4 times.
2006 81K-mi. Bought it off lease with 27K-mi in 2009. I'll keep driving it till it pukes. Maybe I'll keep my eye out for a good spare engine and a trans to rebuild just in case.

Although more then likely I'll get something else at the end of this year and turn it into my weekend warrior project. I do have an 8.8" conversion to do to it still and a little boost sounds nice :)
What are you asking for that 03, any pics
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2004 V8 170000, driven 100 miles dailey about 80+ mph and getting 22 mpg
although I didn't get a cool pic... i passed 150K the other day...

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