Whats the mileage on your LS?

Not enough Pizza runs Big guy!

You know how it is. Drive all week for work. Get home. The LAST thing you want to do is drive somewhere. There are times I don't leave the house all weekend.
2001 V6, 229,650miles. Got 25mpg highway on my recent trip to San Francisco.

Bought it with 35000miles on it in 2003 for $22000.

...for my liking but I'll manage. 123k.
Haha. Was going around 80 all the way up there.

Very nice!! Did you have any electronic countermeasures? My Valentine V1 has paid for itself a few times over now! LOVE the counter and arrows!!

Did you take the 5? I ALWAYS get stuck behind that 55mph truck trying to pass the other 55mph truck! I've been stuck for 10-15 miles like that!! I now opt for the 99 when I can.
No, i don't have one but it would be nice to have one. I took 101 there and back. I dont like 5. Too boring and in the summer is too hot. 101 is real nice, just gotta really watch out by lousy King city, way too many CHP.
04 V8 79000 when I bought it, I drive it 100 miles a day to and from it is now at 165000 and if the instruments can be trusted it gets 21.7 to the gallon
Engine and Suspension: 12,000. Transmission: 120,000. Remainder: 223,000.
Just rolled 200,000 miles on our 2003 then discovered that it needs a front wheel bearing. I ordered new brake pads, two front bearings, and caliper pin boots. 3-4 hours of work and it will be running properly also need to do the coil boots, plugs, and valve cover gaskets. It runs fine, doesn't use oil, but it's time do a little more work on it. It still looks nice inside and out.
OK, I'll post this again...

2000 V6... 180xxxK
2006......... 63xxxK
2006........ 114xxxK
I have a 2000 manual (V6), 234820 miles, gets 20-22 mpg and i am beating on it all of the time.

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