whats become cliche.....air ride question

Couldnt say. Only replaced them myself before. If its #3 then you can do the passenger side yourself fairly easy. No special tools just a 13mm ratchet and extension. Cover comes off pretty easy. Gasket comes on/off easy too. Get some "Right Stuff" gasket maker and after you install the new rubber gasket and spark plug well rings you put just a dab where the timing cover meets the head to seal the edges. Shouldnt take you more then 2 hours if its your first time and have no idea what you are doing.
Mechanic will charge at least $140 I would guess.
How not to change valve cover gaskets.


A classic thread.


I can't believe this dope still has these pics up.

One tool you don't need :)


Do both sides, if one is bad the other is not too far behind.
how could yall think i was that dumb a$$??? i am not that stupid...or that ignorant. i would have found the bolt and even i didnt i would NOT have destroyed that poor car. just omg :(
Just did some research on that hammer thing he used to destroy his car - it's called the Annihilator and is labeled as the ultimate wrecking bar.

Certainly lived up to it's name in this case. :lol:

I remember seeing his pics before he posted that hammer. I thought the dammage was caused by a claw hammer but couldnt see someone being that dumb....... I was wrong. :lol:
So many tried to help him.

It was a complete waste of time, he was beyond help.
I think it took three years off of Jamie's life.

blacklscgirl, I think some members thought you were him because of your location, not because of anything you posted.

There is only one ripped camel.
I wasnt thinking Ripped but I was thinking Bodybyass. He called everyone here names and crap then was banned. He came back several times with different user names posing as a n00b again. Some of us that he was the biggest douche to helped him more till we discovered it was him again.
Now that dude was a major POS. :mad:
lolol long live wrinkled camel! if at first you dont succeed bash the shyt out of it with a hammer :D

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