What tire size would fit perfect for 18 inch 8.5w35+ offset wheel


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Oct 25, 2017
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So I'm looking at a set of wheels for my ls there 18x8.5 35+ offset

I know people are running 35+ Offset I know that wouldent be a problem the wheel hub bore is 73 with a hub center ring of 63.36mm I belive it will fit perfectly now the question is tires!!!

I live in Michigan roads are terrible!!! still debating on springs or coilovers if I wanna go that route but I have a question ?

What tires could be pretty meaty An fill a good portion of the gap An not rub with the wheel specs I listed above?

Thanks for the help guys !!!!An be sure to join Lincoln ls obsessed on Facebook groups
Im running 255/40/18 in the front on 18x8 at 40mm offset. My car is pretty low up front, I dont get any rubbing really, only at high speed if i go into really big bump it does rub on the fender lip very slightly, has happened only few times so it doesnt bother me.

In the back I am running 285/35/18s on 9.5 with 60, no rubbing.

255/40s look great on the front, with the 35mm offset and 8.5 wheel that u have if you are gonna stay at stock height I would try 255/40s but will occationally rub most likely slightly, but if you dont want any rubs then you gotta go 245/40/18.

Hope this helps.
I have 18x8 with 38 offset. I'm running 245/45/18s all around and have no rubbing at all. the Eibach springs are installed as well.

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