What kind of Booze do you Drink

jack daniels and jim bean, and of course some vodka (grey goose) and always gotta have beer(budlight)
Captain is good, Guiness is better
Jamaican rum is good stuff..
Vokda 3 is pretty damn good too..
Straight Vodka with ice.
E.J Brandy no ice, straight.
Baccardi Rum and coke. :Beer
Beer - Budweiser, Killian's, Honey Brown, Rolling Rock
Liquor - Whatever suits my fancy...usually vodka or rum
I mix Jack Daniels and Grey Goose (with coke or somethin, not together) or just stick to a few Bacardi Strawberries
Johnny Walker (anything)
Skyy or
Jeiger-bombs or straight Jeiger, depends on my mood.
Malibu and Coke if I'm being social
151 and Coke if I'm being anti-social
And anything else someone decideds to buy a round of.
Nowadays I usually drink Busch Light or whiskey (Evan Williams if I'm feelin cheap, Jack or Jim Beam Black if I'm trying to drink something good. )

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