What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

Bolted some stuff on
except I would cut a hole in my floor
Gas tank comes down easy
  1. Not easy enough. Had to much fuel in it and i had to see if what I did to the fuel basket was going to work. The division X fuel pump is dimensionally different than the cobra pump. The outlet is longer and the pump is taller. I performed surgery on it to shorten the outlet. Had to use A inline check valve. The outlet is also about a millimeter smaller in diameter. Had to check for leaks while running with the cover off. It works. Took pictures but my Obama phone helpfully deleted them.
Always inspect parts that have been waiting around... Just having fun with this build.



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Did a How Too Article on how to put bright LEDs in your door lights without them being annoying.
I put another How To Article in on fixing the loose air vent dials. This one is as easy as they get!.
Installed an XO Vision NAV/BT stereo a couple of days ago (it is 1 DIN), but comes with a 4.5" screen. VERY happy with the result (and man, does it crank). I have an older Subwoofer enclosure that I am going to check (to see if it fits in the trunk).

Finally burning off some 2016 gas!

So like wow. I post a video I made with a old school Pink Floyd song about a pain in the ass cat called Lucifer and then I see I have these stats...
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May 12, 2011

Yeah, that is messed up and was not planned. I feel the need to reply for God's sake.
Clearly a master of meticulous detail! First rate custom work you only see with trophys lined up on a carpet in front of the car. Thanks for sharing!
Had a dynotech drive shaft assembly and fuel tank sending unit/pump put in today. Car rides much better. The slight vibration at 75 mph is gone. And the fuel gauge actually moves up as you put gas in rather than in 50 miles of driving, it used to very slowly get up to indicate gas tank level. Soon, I'll do a pictorial of building my 2.5" SS duel exhaust conversion on this base car. Aiming for a near factory quiet at low RPM straight threw glass packed muffler sets that mostly comes alive at WOT.
Well I'm finally whittling my way near completion. I ordered custom cut floor mats today. I should get them in 2 weeks. That will just leave my tuner and (I think) a new ballast once I test it. Maybe....I will eventually get a stall converter. Needless to say I am getting close. After my last car that was nearly a decade in restoring to only end in disaster, this car has come along much smoother.
So, I now have a 1996 LSC (cream/pearl?) also with no rust.... but the undercarriage & engine compartment need some cleaning up on this one. I need to replace the stock stereo (the on/off button doesn't work - its always on... which makes going through a car wash irritating while holding the button the entire time). The windshield is also cracked (next on my list). The rear trunk light extension enclosure needs replacing as the chrome is bad and the trunk key cover is worn out. Also need to replace the grill (a small break in 2 ribs... hardly noticeable from 10 ft., but I want to make it perfect). This one has coil overs and new tires (it is 108,000 miles) compared to my almost perfect 95 with 78,000 miles.

on my 94, the fan and AC stopped working, I tried another vlcm, the fan doesn't work with MAX AC, but it does work to cool the engine from overheating.....unless MAX AC is on, I'm guessing the new old vlcm is also bad?
yesterday, whilst at yonder hardware emporium, I am standing at the checkout line admiring the burnished beauty of my Mark out in the parking lot. Parked the hell and gone out in the weeds. In the midst of my reverie, as I stood and watched some jackass in a black F150 back into the tail light and trunk of my once proud beauty. I am despondent. I approached my car with a dark sense of foreboding and discovered the trunk lid itself and side brake lights to be intact. the center neon light assembly was shattered. The remains of a Hillary election sticker imbedded in the lense. Such insult piled onto injury.
today, I am contemplating the carnage in my garage. Last week I had finally received the LED strip lights I was going to replace the neon stuff with. I shall use this opportunity to prototype the mod on the sealed lamp assembly and look around for a replacement lense assembly with chrome trim. Well, let's be about it!
on my 94, the fan and AC stopped working, I tried another vlcm, the fan doesn't work with MAX AC, but it does work to cool the engine from overheating.....unless MAX AC is on, I'm guessing the new old vlcm is also bad?
suggest you open the older VLCM and check the solder joints at the output device on the circuit board for cold lap joint. I don't have a wiring diagram for a '94, but I think my '98 may be similar. you say the fan/wiring checks good?
I relocated my oil filter and put a step by step in the Articles section for those thinking about doing it. Nothing fancy. I have about $65 into the cost of it.
Replaced the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter. The car would crank but not start. The pressure was only 25 psi. What a difference now! Much more power.
Finishing up the small bits like the blue light special and stitching up a wheelskins cover. Drove into work with the hood off. Getting a new windshield and of course showing it off.



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