What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

Replaced the IAC (lost the black vent cap) :mad: and TPS. Hope I don't have to replace the IAC again because of tht stupid cap.
Car idles MUCH better.

its just a vent cap for the iac solenoid. its fine without it.
Markviiiedrea, kstromberg and I took a lot of pics here is a teaser Eric has most the pics hopefully he'll post a new thread with them.

fap, fap, fap, fap, fap

As soon as I can find a card reader and some time I'll get them up.

I actually worked on mine this weekend, new moog rear sway bar end links and modified my shock mount to use my Billstines till I get my stainless mount. Also to 543 pictures of the car this weekend.
Nothing car related, but I did wreck my lower back this morning trying to help a coworker stack servers. That'll teach me to lift stuff before I do my morning stretches. Luckily it isn't as bad (so far) as the one I got 2 years ago.


5pm update: Ok, It IS just as bad. fug!
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Pieces of my parts car


Cup holders work too. :D

Well, both of the little arms kick out, I wouldn't say they "work" thou. I'm still working on my console project to mod my cupholder to hold just a single cup, but I want it to be mechanical with the cover

Installing a Gen1 holder under the Gen2 cover wouldn't be difficult, but that's not very inventive
Your sure that seat's ok? The dent's could mean trouble? Your car's in super good shape, maybe new seat covers would be good to go with!

What are you going on about? That's my new desk chair
Finally got around to replacing my busted clock spring with a preowned one from Fleabay. Everything went so smooth and easy except how in the hell do your remove that stupid lock ring that helps you turn your key? I could not for the life of me remove it or figure it out. Gen 1's are so easy compared to Gen 2's because of the manual tilt column.
Swapped back to OEM air ride suspension.


I will not miss you Mr. Spring.

changed the passenger side upper control arm bled the front brakes only to find out the hoses are clogging up also changed the vac line under the intake tube with a fresh heater core line so it dont dry rot and crack as easily as regular rubber all noise is gone up front was a good day
I have one sitting in a corner in the backyard that looks kinda of like this. Was thinking of scrapping it as it is heavy as hell but never got around it. I am gonna try to restore it a little and make use of it.

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