What did you do to your LS today?

With all the OEM parts drying up....even springs aren't sold anymore ...the LS/LSE are definitely becoming antiques
Ironically that's kinda why i got mine, thought it would be cool to have antique plates on an old Lincoln. However that was before i knew about all the cooling system problems and lack of parts, prolly not gonna make it to be old enough to qualify for the antique \collector plates, which i think is about 40 years in my state, ha
I'm a day late again. Just realized that I don't get on the computer on the same days that I work on the cars. Anyway, yesterday I went to Harry's of Pennsburg and scored an '06 front bumper and a pair of waaay under there splash shields. The bumper is something that our late son wanted for the car so I obliged his wishes. The RF window regulator has also been removed and the seats are tattered, the wheels are used but otherwise it is all in, albeit dirty, pretty good shape. It is also the first '06 I recall ever seeing.
Pedal pads came yesterday and they looked very familiar, they are same as the ones on our manual Escort. No surprise there! The cup holder with door came during the night, it was on the steps this morning. Pleasant surprise, it's not midnight black, it's dark charcoal, same as our interior. AWESOM!
Went on another online spending spree, though not as big as the one I went on in December. I bought a pair of rear lower control arms and shifter seals from Jaguar.oempartsonline.com, a set of clutch screws, and a hydraulic hose/tube (so I will now have all the parts for a clutch job) and a set of isolators from Terry's Jaguar, and a pair of pedal pads and, get this, a single cup holder (manual guys will understand) from, not a salvage yard, but of all places, Ford Parts Giant! The cup holder has a couple minus's its not a color that any 2000 interior had (midnight black) and I had to pay a $10 antique part premium. Is my LS an antique? Anyone out there have antique plate on their LS? I don't, it's the newest car I have. Oh well, it was affordable and I can paint to match. Still on the list are a right side valve cover gasket set, sport springs and shocks. Not to mention a few parts for the Escorts.

Say, LSE_4_LYFE, probably too late now, but Terry's Jaguar has whole shift assemblies for about $560. Maybe the same as LS's. I did end up finding a spare transmission that had the shift linkage attached. Ty thou, I appreciate it.
After owning the car for a while i am positive i will keep it, so i decided to take care of the chassis to make sure it will serve me a long time . First two pictures are before the treatment after the wash. The last two are after the car was treated.




I washed it, looked at it, and dreamed about its future. All I've really done recently. My car hobby has taken a huge hit on 3 fronts: I haven't had space to be a shade tree mechanic in a few years, house hunting is my priority for all excess money, and, worst of all, I got into motorcycles a few years ago. They have an incredibly better packing density and significantly more smiles per gallon. But, ironically, the insane speed of $3k motorcycles has just about destroyed my desire to engine swap the LS. I'm not sure even $30k would get me comparable acceleration with a spartan build. Don't get me wrong, I will keep the LS as long as it's alive. Probably a little longer, actually. Sentimentality and all that. LSes still have that unique driving character that's hard to find elsewhere. Just something about these cars.
Roof leaked and had for some time, finally got around to dropping headliner enough to find the drain tube had shrunk and detached from the nipple. Spliced in a piece of rigid tube, secured with clamps, good to go. Couple of days later the 5A fuse for interior and puddle lamps starts blowing. Logical suspect is the prior repair, so down comes the headliner. Now one of the screws holding the visor in place won't come out so I have to pry it out. Turns out when I reinstalled the visor, the screw nicked the wire to the vanity mirror light, shorted the circuit and fried the screw. My prying it out also destroyed the speednut. Eff me. No replacement fitting available. Was able to pull the bracket clipped into the roof to which the visor screws mount, the bracket was too thin to weld so cut a couple of tin strips to size, sandwiched the speednut between them, secured in place with JB weld and drilled a small hole to accommodate the replacement screw. Reinstalled, it worked! Didn't bother with reconnecting the vanity light, who needs it anyway. Secured the wire out of the way so it couldn't happen again. But that's how it's going to be with this car, field expediency in light of the increasing unavailability of parts.
I think I finalized my look for my exhaust. I didn't like the sound of straight pipe.

Drove my mustang today and its a beast.(94 Saleen Tribute, f-cammed 331(she chops) and geared) loud and rowdy. its exhaust is almost too much long tubes, x pipe, spintech 9000's and 2.5 piping all the way. can't wait to add the vortech V2 to it.
youtube link to my 94

I made a post of doing a spintech dual in dual out muffler and not doing an x-pipe. was thinking of a h pipe after the cats but now looking at how big and restrictive those are I am thinking hi-flow cats off of fleabay. its the same muffler I used on my 65 mustang with a 6 cyl and I just added tailpipes off the mufflers. thinking that with the lincoln its going to be louder.
youtube link to the 65

I made a deal with my wife to not have all of my cars sounding like the mustang (as in loudness). so thinking of adding some resonators

Ideas thoughts?
Still working out this 05(-14?) Mustang all-aluminum, bigger than stock-LS radiator. It has physically fit so far with AC and the gen 1 hydraulic fan. First bleed did not bleed at all so I drained it all. I'm working on an adapter bracket for the modified lower mount since it's sagging on the passenger side with just a hacked mount. It needs adapter hanging brackets for the coolers/condenser. Fun fact: the gen 1 combo cooler is actually 3 circuits: it cools the hydraulic fan fluid too! Not fun for fitment

Edit: this is of course following the footsteps of DeviLSh from around here in the thread
Devin's 06 LS - Round 2

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