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Mar 22, 2006
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as you all know we had a meet in az not to long back. but this thread is to get people that dont live in az to get together. we need to grow as a group. maybe we could all meet in havasu or maybe even pheonix again. so come on lincoln and caddilac owners sighn up here and suggest a date and location.

oh and if you come accross this please bump it because some people never make it down to the bottom of the forums. thanks
grow as a group this aint a wacoo right? joking just a funny way to put it.
10-4!! Gixxerboi ain't no wacoo, met im in person and he is a good man. Lake Havasu would be a great place for photo ops and perhaps offer a bt more to do, such as a cruise and little diners that "need" to be taken over by the western LvC crowd.

I like the Scottsdale hook up as it is close by. Calling it a local meet is a better name for what it is. I would like to match or even better the Mid West meet at Boscobel. However those guys are on fire and it would take alot of effort to match them. I know as I had traveled to meet up with them last year and look forward to this upcoming deal. They are international!!!

Gixxerboi, what do you see that we need to do to get going? By the way, I bet the Vegas fellas would be interested in a Havasu party.
We need to have a big get together. Are there and big events in the surrounding states that would be any fun to go to.
i think we should make flyers to put on other lincoln.... and cadillacs:slam letting them know of the event as well as this website. and havasu sound great wat is better than lincolns takin over a place like havasu? sure we could have playboy models posing on them, but then nothing would ever get done....... so any ideas or input would be great. im thinkin mid january? early febuary? maybe march, april? oh who cares as long as it happens
sounds good to me time and place and ill be there
What about the first week end in Dec.

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