W.C. What State Are You In?


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Mar 26, 2004
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Prescott Valley, Arizona
I'm in Arizona middle section. City of Prescott Valley. Im also a Lincoln man. As you can see below.

Nevada ~
California ~
Arizona ~ Sifrino3
Utah ~
Idaho ~
Oregon ~
Washinton ~
Alaska ~
Hawaii ~
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Okay, you hapy now?

Can't vote for hip hop stuff though, to old for that scene

I'm smack dab in the middle of the Golden State, with an actor for as boss(again), an invasion of illegals, and gays who make up about 2% of the population being the tail wagging the dog with the help of the "socially correct", and the streets are over run with rice, trucks, and these big boxes on wheels (SUVs? is that what there called?) that constipate the mall parking lots.

Time to go sailing!

What ever became of blackicelsc and his Golden Gate Mark VIII club?
Sin City USA checking in.

The weather here yesterday was 50 and SUNNY.

I've ben in vegas 15 years now and it still doesnt feel like christmas without snow.
San Jose, California here along with Bryan and Big Don.

Murderously Yours,


Im in Chandler, AZ

surfaaron said:
Finally another person from the Evergreen state. I am in Seattle. Nice to have another "Washingtonian" on the sight. :L :dancefool

Hey did you guys ever elect a Gov? BTW I am a Floridian.
We have not really elected a Gov. In fact, on the front page of the paper today it says "Election in judge's hands" A ruling is expected monday. So I guess a judge will decide our governor.
WA meet!!

Hey, guess I wasn't actively reading the thread, but I noticed there are a few from WA! When weather gets better, anyone from WA wanna meet up? I would definitely like to meet up with some Mark owners. I always loved Marks. Come on WA peeps, I know there's more of you out there..


:dj: :L
eL eS said:
Hey did you guys ever elect a Gov? BTW I am a Floridian.

Just heard on the radio you guys finnaly have a Gov from you elections last year. I though Florida was bad :)

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