Visteon VNMC-1000 Head unit was installed by Ford in Lincoln Navigator 2013 GCC Version. Now in Aftermarket Radio there is No Sound.


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Apr 16, 2023
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Saudi Arabia
Need all your expert and urgent help to resolve my Lincoln Navigator 2013 GCC version sound issue in aftermarket android radio.
In my case, I have Visteon VNMC-1000 installed by Ford prior shipping to Saudi Arabia in which the wiring related to Amplifier turn-on, Rear seat Entertaiment and Aux Jack are controlled thru 16 Pin connector on vehicle side which connects to canbus interface and from canbus interface there is 8Pin mini din cable which connects to radio.
Radio wiring diagram available on internet for my car doesn't match. Request your help in decoding the 8Pin mini din cable and utilize it with android radio.
PS: wire harness from Crutchfield and also on AliExpress doesn't work for sound & RSE.

USA Version Wire Diagram.png

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