valve cover leak on '01 LS


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Dec 30, 2004
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I have an '01 Lincoln LS V8. I had the valve cover gaskets replaced once and they are leaking again and I am told by my local dealer that they need to be replaced again
I also have a problem with the engine stalling at stoplights and learching while going down the road, like it wants to quit. The mechanic says this stalling and learching is caused by the oil leaking into the spark plug holders, from the leaking valve cover gaskets.
I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has had either of these problems or knows if the LS has a problem with it's valve covers being defective or warped.
SurfjaxLS said:
Did you also have the spark plug seals replaced?
No. So far all I've had done is the gaskets. Will replacing the seals help the stalling problem??
It should help it because the spark plugs are another place that a leak might occur. I had the valve coer gaskets and spark plug seals replaced in mine and no longer experience any trouble with stalling or hesitation.

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