Under hood corriosion


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Jul 6, 2005
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East Hartford
Had a few small places under my hood on my CE that had corrosion under the paint. Right front corner, and a little more towards the middle. Very minor, and doesn't seem battery related. Maybe bad primer, or paint. Anybody else have this happen?
I don't think that much care or attention to the underhood area is taken when being painted. I have had a few tri coat cars, and they never have more than the first two coats, never the pearl or clear, just a dull color metallic coat or primer in some places.

I also have some weird looking places on the truck hold down tabs and on my Cougar (a tri coat pearl car) that was low miles, AZ car and pristine some rusting under the shoddy paint near the firewall on the drivers side.
hood with blk.jpgGot some paint on it. Now to paint The sides that show way too much primer

hood with blk.jpg
Aluminum corrosion. My 2014 Mustang had the hood replaced recently under warranty for it.
Mine has a little around the latch if I remember correctly, or was it the latch itself? Idk, the rest of it appears good though.
I was talking with my Hagerty rep, and he drives a 2015 PU, and noticed some corrosion under the hood. Ford's now making the whole truck out of aluminum. I hope they found better way, and paint, or their gonna have a real big problem, like GM had back in the 90's.

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