For Sale Two Manual Transmission Lincoln (parts) - Orange Co, NY


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May 8, 2004
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Tuxedo, NY
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I have two LS with manual transmissions I need to get rid of. I do not want to part out and prefer to sell both to one person.

Black one 2000 LS I've owned for 17 years. Bought it with 35K now at 190K. Has been used as a daily drive all year with numerious trips to Vermont in the winter. Salt has done a job on the body. Underneath there is too much rust to safely use the car. Was running last May when the starter died. 16 inch rims and 4 snow tires on this one.

Dark Gray one 2000 with 78K miles. Bought this one for its body. Previous owner overheated it (bad hydraulic fan). While tearing down the engine I found that several valves were bent and I stopped working on it. Half of the top of the engine has been removed (intake, cams) but heads are still in place. When I found the bent valves I was worried that pistons or rod might have been damaged and was unwilling to tackle that big a job so I stopped. Chromed OEM 17 inch rims on this one. Extra hood goes with this one.

I don't have the time or space to do an engine swap or to part these two out. Could send them to the scrap yard but would prefer that they go to a list member.

Make me an offer and tow them away. Located in Orange County NY.

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