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Dec 29, 2004
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There are two groups of cars that I'm eagerly awaiting news on. The Ford Trio is supposed to have a significant redesign in 06 and The Camaro (and possibly the Firebird and Chevelle also) are supposed to make a comeback.

Does anybody know anything about these? Or about the GM counterparts going RWD. Will they be resized to be comparable to the fords, or will they be more like the 300 and stay about their same size?

Let me know.
Camaro will be making a return in 07, but the Pontiac version is dead. The Chevelle was just internet chit chat about a cheaper version of the GTO, never confirmed by GM.

No solid sketches are available yet. There are photoshopped GTO/Monaro's with Chevelle badges, and the Camaro is rumored not to differ much from the year old concepts we have seen all ready. If you haven't, check for "camaro concept"
I saw those pictures a while ago on a site (don't even remember which one) As it turns out. That (at least at the time) was not an actual GM approved Concept vehicle, nor was it a full scale model. But it was a project by a high school or college Design student. I don't know, maybe GM has picked it up since, but last I heard, that's just some school project that actually dates back to 1999 or so. Last I heard that was unofficial.

The Chevelle I actually saw in a chevy gearhead magazine in early-mid 2004 (I don't remember which, but I remember it was a respectable one) It was obviously a computer generated image of the car, and it was refered to as a concept, and not a production vehicle, but the fact that it made it into a respected magazine leads me to believe it's more than just internet fanboy drivel, and that also leads me to believe, that even if it does never see production that it was at least under serious consideration by GM.

Has there been any word of news on the 2006 Ford Trio? (Crown Vic/Grand Marq/T.C.) I'm watching that with as much interest and excitement as I am the Camaro (and co.)

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