True dual straight pipes


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Oct 14, 2005
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I went to my local performance shop about 2months ago to pick up a set of msd wires for my car, the things never came in. I went in there today and talked to the guy made a deal and hes gonna hook me up and do my exhuast for me instead. Basically Im going to run true duals from the small cats all the way back to the tips, no mufflers. I figure the stock manifolds and the small cats will be enough back pressure, I know its gonna be loud the guy told me I will pick up some gains with true 2.5's, what u guys think should I throw on some glass packs if its to loud and what gains should I see from doing this, I told the guy about a x pipe he said theres really no need for it its just a sound thing.
You want to have some crossover pipe of some kind to equalize exhaust flow. You will lose a bunch of torque if you don't have an x pipe or some type of crossover. I use a Magnaflow high flow 3rd cat which acts just like a crossover pipe, 2.5 pipes and no mufflers... sounds great.
An H will work fine too. You can also use either a Magnaflow 2 in 2 out muffler which has an internal x pipe or the Magnaflow high flow 3rd cat which I have.
Does he know that's a V8 engine under your hood? For a smaller engine, I could understand the guy's comment, but our V8s need that crossover to maintain an even flow. A double-crossover could be even better, but the second crossover at that point actually is more for sound I think.

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