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Aug 15, 2018
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I have a 2002 LS V8 with the normal 5 speed automatic I have a 2000 LS V8 that I use as a parts car that has the select shift transmission my question is are the actual transmissions different or can I use just the shifter out of the 2000?
Wait. What are you trying to do?
If you just want SST on your 2nd Gen, I think you can use the 1st gen shifter. In any event, you only need to change the shifter and do a little PCM reprogramming to convert from non-SST to SST. There are no changes to the transmission.

2nd Gen non-SST to 2nd gen SST - no transmission changes.

1st gen transmission to 2nd gen transmission - major internal changes.
He's wanting to do first Gen non - SST... to SST.

Okay - then he only has to swap the shifter, nothing in the transmission. He also needs a little programming change to the PCM to make all selections work correctly.
Wut up LS gang I have a 02 Ls with a 2wp??? Version of the 5r55n transmission my question is can the 1wp??? Version of the 5r55n bolt up and work effectively?

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