Towncars in movies.


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Jan 17, 2005
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Anybody notice that theres a towncar in almost every so so modern movie? or movie in new york. heres a couple with 95-97 towncars. Grosse point blank...analyze this...bound.
Town Cars Rule

I've noticed that also haven't seen those two movies yet but i plan to. :Beer
In the movie heat there is a 95-97 tc. but why does the rear windows have that divider that the 90-94's have? the inside is also one of early 90's. i think they got an older one and changed the crome molding and the front and rear lights to make it look like 95.
anyone who likes 95-97's should watch grosse point blank.
In the movie The Mask, the super sretch limo he pulls up in is a white Town Car. and Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz) also pulls up in a Lincoln town car limousine if i remember correctly. Kind of off-subject, but a Lincoln Continental was used in Animal House, as well as Rolling Kansas. Another car that shows up in a lot of movies is a Crown Victoria Wagon. Scarface, National Lampoons Family Vacation (the "truckster" was a modified Crown Victoria), Beverly Hills Cop, etc. In the movie "Planes Trains and Automobiles", when Steve Martin rents a car, he was supposed to get a "white Lincoln Town Car, space V-5", but it was stolen from the rental lot.
Town Cars

One movie that jumps out at me is "Enemy of the State" starring Will Smith and Jon Voight. At the beginning there is a black 95-97 Town Car that looks sweet with the dual exhaust steam because it was so cold outside during filming. It took place in DC though..... :)
Cadillac Man (Robin Williams) has a ton of late 80's Linolns in it, Town Cars, Continentals, and Mark VII's. There are a bunch of late 80's Cadillacs to. De villes, Allantes, Eldorados, Sevilles, and Fleetwoods. It is a funny movie to.
In the movie A Man Apart with Vin Diesel there's a sharp looking maroon TC. There's TC's in alot of movies. They look that sharp. :dancefool
My favourite Town Car moment is in "Blind Date" when Bruce Willis' character is picked up from jail by his car-salesman brother-in-law (played by the late, great Phil Hartman) in a sweet late-eighties TC. The only problem is Bruce pukes in the glove compartment!

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