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    Sep 9, 2013
    My wife and I live in Southern Ca while her sister and brothers live in Saskatchewan Canada. After a little discussion we decided a road trip was in order (she was born and raised there) and we'd take the Mark (98). What a trip we had.The Lincoln drove and ran smoother then I ever expected,just flawless except for one glitch. Gas mileage for the whole trip averaged 24.9 mpg,climbing up to 6400+ across the Continental Divide and other high altitudes. Going into Canada was a pleasure as the Canadian customs folks were exceptionally nice, it was crossing back into the US that we met the worlds biggest jerk, the poorest example of a customs agent/person I've met. Any way I've never been to Utah, Idaho or Montana so to drive through those states and see what has to be the most beautiful country in the US it was breathtaking scenery. The glitch? Coming back out of Helena Montana the belt tensioner bearing froze up and shredded the belt. As I was checking under the hood a sheriff showed up,he called for a tow truck, I called AAA. Took us to a little town called Montana City to see if it could be fixed without staying the night (Happened around 4:30 pm) The owner of the shop not only fixed the car,stayed 2 hr after his closing but was a super nice concerned person. Didn't rob me either on the cost. Elaine and I found we met the best and nicest people after we got out of California! Put over 4k on the car,didn't burn ANY oil. Next time we'll fly. Total we spent 7 days on the road.....a little too much for a 75 yo man/guy. It was a terrific one time vacation, we'll fly next time.......Bruce Senior Citizen :cool:

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