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Aug 23, 2005
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Long Beach
Hello people.

I am thinking of buying another car in near future. I drive my LS everyday and I love it, but I want one more car. I am not gonna sell the LS.

I want something entertaining, something drivable, something stick shift (most likely).

I do consider new cars, but I don't want to lease and to buy a new car with their prices is not very clever. I want to buy so I can drive it freely, I don't wanna mess with 10000 per year leasing miles. I drive my LS about 25000 a year, so it's not for me.

I like the Jaguar XJR, but I haven't driven one and I don't really want a big car as the LS is pretty good at what it does. S-type R is too LSish.

If I would buy a Mercedes than it would be something interesting like a new CL or a CLK63 black series that one of my friends has, WHAT A CAR!!! But $150000+, too much. CL is too much also, I could lease, but I don't want lease.

Audis are good, but I would only drive an RS4 or an S8, but these are too close to a new M5 price territory so I would drive an M5 instead. Also, I don't really care about 4 wheel drive.

I don't want any Chevy, Chrysler or Ford anymore.

My dream car is Maserati Quatroporrte, but again not a clever buy.

I do like the new 335i coupe, but it's not as involving as the older E46 01-06 M3, therefore I want an 04-06 M3 coupe with manual gearbox. So I can DRIVE it when I feel like driving a car and feel the 8000 rpms and the LSD diff.

That's what on my mind right now.

The older M5 is cool too, but the body is a little dated now.
I know you said no chevy, but do what i did. Fit, finish, and ride quality will be the least of your worries when you're going through a turn sideways with your foot to the floor. You already have the LS for comfort anyways.



I was just thinking about a Porsche too man... lol Yea I know what you mean, but I don't really feel the Corvette.
Damn Artur, you just listed and axed every car I was thinking you might enjoy. Personally, I'd go with an M3 or a V8 M5, or a Z3 M Roadster, unless you can afford the new one. One of the previous M's would be a very good choice.
I loooove the new M5, but to pay $1600 a month to lease it and drive only 10000 a year is not reasonable, I can, but I want to drive it too... V8 M5 is great, but most of them are out of the factory warranty already, there are even very few certified cars.

M roadster might be good, but it's girly, not for me.
given your location, how about something with a drop top? Honda S2000 with some mods. how about Nissan 350Z? The new M3 with the V8 looks/sounds pretty dam sweet, too but goes against your "not buying new" theory.
Droptop is not bad, but drove a cabrio M3 once and it wasn't as fast as the coupe neither did it handle as good thanks to 400 extra lbs. S2000 is too small and I hate the Z, especially the annoying sound.
Well, you didn't mention the need for a factory warranty.... Anyway, 2008 C class. C300 Sport, 6 speed manual standard, 300 hp; or the 300 hp 08 CTS.
C300 is 228 hp and the C350 is 268hp, have you seen the flat sits in that car?? Nasty.

Caddy is nice, but it could be something to replace the LS with, but not to add to.
I don't know people, maybe i'll get mad and get me a new M5 then start banging on my head every month.
My friend keeps pushing me to get a 745li, an 04 or so. Hey I like it, but I am not very excited about it, 750li maybe, but then I would just get a S550.
Artur, Sounds like you need to design your own car, then look for one you can build into that which you seek.
Man, I'm sorry, I thought I had read the C300 had 300 horses.
Maybe a CLS55, not manual but that thing got tons of power.... I need to stop now and go to sleep or I'll end up with an M6 or something lol Good night.
Yeah the newish bmw 7 series would be a dodgy choice. They are too big, ugly, got crappy I Drive and they arent reliable at all. I seen a few being towed back to the dealership with electrical woes. An Alpina bmw of some sort perhaps? I hear them newish porsche 911s are good - the practical everyday supercar! Well made too... I also like them Saleen S7s, but i assume they are still very expensive even as a used purchase. Probably not practical either....
Too bad the only Alpina bimmer you can now buy is the B7, the 7 series and maybe you can find the Z8 alpina. They don't sell em in US, too bad, they are really nice.

Idrive is not bad at all, it's very easy too use, I don't know what are all these magazines are trippin about.
Go get the M6, you'll thank yourself when you wake up.

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