The making of a bracket car


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Mar 21, 2004
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West Virginia
I took the '96 out to the track today for an early morning track rental at Mason Dixon Dragway near Hagerstown, MD.

The best ET of the day was 14.301@94.83. The best trap speed was 95.86 mph. The ol' girl was mighty consistent with 14.3s @ 94-95mph. 19 runs were 14.3s and 7 runs were low 14.4s. A couple of the slower passes were driver error including the one pass where I tried to launch in second gear! :eek:

It was actually the first time for me with the '96 at the track, so there was a lot of getting acquainted with the car and trying to find the best launch strategy. It seemed to leave the line softly flashing the converter, so I tried stalling the converter at different rpms. The sixty foot times ranged from 2.078 to 2.157. The best reaction time of the day was 0.003. :cool:

I'm sure the heavy front wheels hurt the times but it seemed to hook well with the 26" Hoosier QT Pros on the stock Lincoln wheels. After 27 passes, the Hoosiers should be broken in for the season. LOL :D


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