the curious case of my silver lsc.

Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Mar 15, 2016
    first off hello, also im not exactly new, ths profile however is . now a few months back, i lost power followed by stalling while driving, rough idle, and stalling on start up after a night of sitting. check plugs oil on them, i replace the valve cover gaskets, removes stalling while driving, replace plugs and coils, now all but some slightly rough idle and the stalling on start up is left also cel which i check and it shows maf low volt p0102 also p0100. on top of that im almost certain the cats are fouled from driving it to my school whilst the valve cover gaskets were bad.there is also a hose that is badly corroded from what ive found is apart of the PVC going to the intake manifold that i cant find removal procedures for. any guidance at this point would be welcome. next move now is attempting to clean the maf, then troubleshooting the cats (more like visually inspect), beyond that im at a bit of a loss thanks in advance.

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