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I'm ridin in my 97 blk on tan mk viii up here in fort worth , like to talk with ya bout the cobra intake when I'm down your way for the rodeo , I'm in Houston every march. Not too many Gen 2 marks up here.
I need to get back in the game... In Houston now.. Previously owned 3 Gen1 Mark 8s... Want to find a decent Gen2... If you know of any, let me know!
Shoot I work in the fort worth stockyards , about 10 mins south on north main from Saginaw . Best burgers in town just across the street.
Although i was Born in Houston... in Kansas now... Howdy anyways
Garland 75043 here,

funny thing is my car is getting worked on and another Lincoln LS with the same exact problem is also being worked on and the cant figure out whats wrong

Morning idle is strong and Misfire Cyl 1 keeps coming up on both
I keep seeing another red Gen2 LSC each morning on the way to work going into town on I-10 from Katy area.. wonder if they even know of this board. :)
I'll be there Greg. Thanks for the heads up.
98 ivory Pearl
I've been browsing as a guest for years... I finally registered... I slide in 2 Gen 1 LSes... a 2001 3.0 and a 2002 3.9 all throughout Greater Houston.

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