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Oct 14, 2005
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I took of my intake tube and I will b fiber glassing over all the holes left over from the silencers and what not, were should I replace the sensor toward the back of the tube that reads air temp? Can I take the sensor rewire it and have it positioned were my filter is and fiber glass over the hole were it was?
What is that sensor for? I was told that the sensor reads the temp of the air going into the engine for the computer. My friend was saying though that it reads more of the engine heat around the tube then the actual air itself. He has a 98 TA he took his sensor and rewired it and positioned it were the ram air is so it allways reads the actual air temp instead of the humidity or engine heat thats around the tube, Im fiberglassing the hole off so should I still keep it by the Tb and read engine heat or position it next to my conical filter and read the actual temp going to the car?
Im pretty darn sure it reads the air temp. Since the air is heated up by the engine bay a bit as it gets closer to the TB, its best to have it as close to the TB as possible. If it just read the tube temp it would not be designed the way it is - that is open to read the air temp and designed to reach into the tube. Not that it must be positioned properly for air to flow over the sensor right.

If you position near the filter of MAF, you are NOT reading the air temp that enters the engine, like I said, it gets heated up as it reaches the manifold so the closer to the TB, the better. The reason its not on the manifold is because the manifold conducts heat and would transfer too much to the sensor.
Makes sense, Ill only glass off the 2 silencers and the tube that runs off the head next to the sensor, I capped that off and threw on a mini filter I figured there was no reason to send fumes through the intake and just have 1 less thing off restriciton it wasent much but It was something
A filter? Where? I dont follow you. You dont want to add a filter or anything that allows air into the intake after the MAF, any air getting in after the MAF is a bad thing.
I think he means he put a minifilter on the vavle cover.
The IAT reads the Intake Air Temperature. It then passes this value to the computer, so the computer may adjust timing and ignition based on the temperature of the air going into the motor.

Now, you say, "What about the MAF? Doesn't it have a temperature sensor on it?" Well, yes and no. The little temperature sensor (actually, more liek a heated fillament), on the maf works in conjunction with another part of the MAF sensor to measure how much air is going into the engine.

In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter where you put the temperature sensor along the intake tube. At 3000RPM that air is moving so fast it only takes fractions of a second to go from the MAF to the cylinders.

Temperature ain't going to increase dramatically in that short period of time.

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