supercharger possible??????? 2000 conti


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Jul 12, 2009
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i know what your thinking a supercharger??? lol!!! when my car hits 150 k im doing a complete engine rebuild! now what i want to know is there any way to put a supercharger on these? i am aware that the trans are weak but damn would it be cool to SC one of these!?!?
someone has to know somthing!!!

come on there has to be someone that can tell me what it would take to put a supercharger on. my biggest concern would be the cpu. I would guess that i would have to a hood scoop for the room or cut into the fender. either way somthings gotta give. there has to be someone that knows! :confused:
LMFAO, Cpu is your biggest concern? Want you to look real hard at the pics I posted. After looking at the pics you still think the cpu is the problem? If you can figure out what i'm talking about, you can make it work.


my guess is..are you talking about how the inlet from the sc would be facing towards the "back" side? would have to relocate the alt? and hope there's enough room for the pulley over there?

Seems like a vortec or similar type would be alot easier
supercharger might be a mistake on a FWD car like this. Torquesteer would be unbearable.
You definatly would have to modulate the throttle on takeoff and beef up that trans. I'd be nice if you could make the transaxle limited slip as well.
Damn, that car would be a tune up nightmare!! there is NO room for anything, let alone a supercharger. Then again...where there is a will, there is a way.
Wow,I never knew there was so little room under these cars. And I thought I had a tight fitting engine.
Good luck with it if your giving it a shot.
Quick question,will you be at Scrapin the Coast this year?
I toyed with the idea before, centrif is a no go, rear mount turbo is a no go. Turbo could be done, everything would have to be routed around the trans with custom hand made headers. KB is a possibility also, need to change intake manifold, then flip and reverse the intake on the SC if possible.

Best route would be a turbo becuase of clearance issues. Price for piping it would cost about the same as the turbo. And with the price and quality of trannys, well its like playing russian roulette with 5 bullets in a 6 shot revolver.

Best route for some serious power is 03 cobra cams, high flow maf. cut side wall and pipe the air filter into it (you lose 1 horse for every 10 degree air temp difference) , P & P (engine has to be out for this) custom tune with dyno time, exhaust done, custom headers, all 3 cats removed, 3rd o2 sensor shut off, custom made 2x or 3x cross overs (true duals). Thats gonna set you back $3500 to $4500 right their.

Then a zex window mount controller setup, (100-150 shot) skipping first, then picking up in second, shutting off at 6600-6800 rpm. That will save the trans for awhile if you have it shut off before shift points. You can't run nitrous in first, tires will break loose at 25 mph everytime forcing a hard-premature shift into second (very bad). If you launch, tires will not stop untill second (premature shift again, you wouldn't even make 3 seconds off the line), even then they will break loose again at 60 anyway.

First part will get you to 250-260 horse at the wheels, depending on your tune guy, the shot will get you right around the 400 mark. All in all its not worth it, any power to this car is uncontrolable. After I wrecked my first 02 conti (my fast one) all I did was take the heads off it and did the exhaust on my replacment 02. The car will never be a off the line car, ever. It can hold its own on the highway and put on a hell of a show after 30mph.

It will never launch like a mark or a ls. You will always get taken off the line in a conti.

My best record to date is 5.9 0-60, that was rare. On a normal day its around 6.1. And that from a 2k rpm launch with no ass off the line. I have no problems pulling on anything from 25mph first shift. At 55mph when you hit that lull in second your gonna get passed. Know what your car does so you don't look like a idiot racing it. Theirs only 2 points I'll jump on it at when I got a fast car next to me, 25-30 mph and 60-65mph, anything besides those 2 speed, your out of the power band and shift points and will get embarrassed badly.

Its not a race car, it will never be a race car. Pretty much every car made today will beat this car now. I should have got a mark. Next car will probable be a stang, but I'm still kicking the used Audi A8 idea around also.

Its all fun and games untill you jump on it at 60 and it jump 15 foot to the right, catch a ditch, then stops on a tree. Then you have to lie and say some guy in a white van ran you off the road. And you cry your self to sleep every night for a month because you just pissed away 4 grand.
Its all fun and games untill you jump on it at 60 and it jump 15 foot to the right, catch a ditch, then stops on a tree. Then you have to lie and say some guy in a white van ran you off the road. And you cry your self to sleep every night for a month because you just pissed away 4 grand.'ve got one hell of an imagination there.
Yeah, I need to get off these drugs but I like my fantasy world better.

lol. Hey funny thing I thought you might be interested in. The muffler delete I did that I got from you, some kid in a Mark VIII stopped me the other day in a parking lot asking about my exhaust and was like "No way, thats just a muffler delete?!" I got to lookin at his Mark VIII and saw he had a big ass Cobrastar on the back window. Small world.

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