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Jul 19, 2009
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Man I aint been in here for a minute! Came to look for an old Ripped Camel thread where he used a demolition hammer to remove his valve cover on his Mark... couldnt find it. Anywho, hows all the old peeps? Anyone from 2010 era still around? Frogman still alive? lol

Its been a hell of a run over the last decade since I logged in here. L&D Automotive is doing great and is the highest rated shop in Waco. I still have severe car ADD. Bought and sold a dozen Marks since I was on here and kinda moved on. I still like them and still work on them and still have tons of parts all over the place for them. Hell, pretty sure I have a NIB Mandrel Bent Exhaust Systems pipe kit and some second gen headlights somewhere. I switched to BMW (huge mistake) and then a bunch of other things. I did finally build that 1000HP CL65 AMG I always talked about only I bought a 2012 instead of a 2006. Big headache, big mistake, sold it for a HUGE loss. I am back to my home base of Audi. Just bought a 2014 S8 that I love more than any car I ever owned. Its currently at 624 AWHP and by end of month should be around 750AWHP/900AWTQ. Freakin BLAST to drive! Seat massagers, killer sound system, so comfortable and quiet yet it hands people their asses on the regular. 0-60 in 3.28 and 1/4 in 11.3 with hopes of sub 3 second 0-60s and 10 second quarters next month.






Also I built a 1260 rwhp C5 Corvette. Thing is just ridiculous and scary. Breaks drag radials loose at 130 MPH. I went way overboard on that damn thing. lol





I stop in every couple weeks
Awesome to hear the shop is doing well
Nice cars but marks are needed in the stable
It's good to see a few of us left, I usually stop in when I'm feeling nostalgic for my old Marks, lost them both to frame rot. I picked up a 2017 MKZ 3.o twin turbo, faster than my old marks but not as much fun. That vette is crazy!
Stay well.
Kind of thought I would see others still around. Seems like when Jamie gave up, DLF passed, Doug and SVO went and Ripped Camel wasn't around to entertain us any more that everyone split.
Wonder what happend to Frogman?
yeah a few of us still here.
i still come here to look for info. fb is not good at archiving anything.
man i was just thinking about you the other day. some how remembered this forum, and then my email i used. glad the shop is still good!
I haven’t been on here in years and just thought I would log in to see if any marks are for sale
My profile says Aug 2010. So, my first Mark- a 95 was purchased at that time. Did I have fun making that car right. learned a lot and everyone here should be paid as I saved mucho dinero. Now, I'm on my 3rd. Or 4th. A '98 LSC slicktop that has been bullet proof. Watch out - now I've jinxed it. I've dived in to the Jaguar cult and am learning the hard way there, too, but I have a daily that I could repair with my eyes closed. Sometimes. Thanks again. Good to see everyone still burning gas.
hey Bill you sold all the Lincolns you have built over the years im stillon here idk if anyone else still uses this i do.
I hope this forum never goes offline. :) Hi ya all!
I am glad to see everyone. Unity, you are my hero!! The cars you list are all vehicles that cause me flashbacks and nightmares. But when they're on and working right? Wow, what fun.

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