Stainless Steel Bakes Lines - Any Problems with Fitments?

2005 Lincoln LS V8

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Aug 8, 2016
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Los Angeles
Hello Folks, it's been a while.
I'm looking to replace the OEM Rubber Material Brake Lines with After Market Stainless Steel Braided Lines on my 2005 LS V8 Sport.
I'm seeing the brand 'Stop Tech' being talked about on the forum.
Were there any fitment issues when replacing the OEM Lines? Does anyone have a part #? Or recommend another Brand? Thanks!
I have the Stoptech stainless lines on my LS. From what I remember there was not a fitment problem but I did need to do a little figuerng out how to get them to work. Honestly don't remember the issue, it is not a perfect replacement but just made from Stainless Steel. Just get what is recommended on their website and you will be able to do the install. If you are looking for performance gains in breaking you are not going to notice any difference from the OEM lines. As a matter of fact, I have my old set of OEM lines if you need them.
Thanks Craigh,
I had replaced the steel lines on other cars and noticed some difference.
It figures, with this car simple improvements don't seem to matter unless you go full out. E.g. High performance calipers, lines etc..
Appreciate your feedback
Have you changed the brake calipers? When I installed the Jaguar Big Brakes, I had to make some adjustments (grind down) to part of the caliper so the stock LS line would fit properly. It may not be an issue with the StopTech lines since they are round.
Hi Rgorke,
No haven't changed the calipers yet. Wasn't planning unless I had too.
Being out here in the 'High Desert' is rough on plastics, paint and hoses
If you are looking for performance gains in breaking you are not going to notice any difference from the OEM lines.

I don't exactly agree with that. The Stop Tech lines are vinyl (plastic) tube with stainless braid on the oustside.

That should allow for more rigidity in the brake line... whereas rubber lines will flex and expand under high pressure when braking hard.

Had to do that the other day on the way to work... when a half dozen deer set up a picket line across the road.
Thanks 04, That's what I was thinking...
Previously, I installed New Stainless Steel Brake lines on my other Car (1973 BMW 2002) and noticed some improvement. In addition, I have not had to think about brake lines for a while.
I know they're two different type of vehicles.

I may look for another brand...

Watch out for those Deer Protesters around the Lake ....
Replaced mine a few years ago with stop tech, def a small difference. No fitment issues just zip tied the new lines.
I had them on my LS, no issues, brake pedal felt much better with them than stock lines.

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