Spintech exhaust system for my 2006


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Oct 12, 2022
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Cleveland, Tn
I think I finalized my look for my exhaust. I didn't like the sound of straight pipe. Drove my mustang today and its a beast. loud and rowdy. its exhaust is almost too much long tubes, x pipe, spintech 9000's and 2.5 piping all the way.

I have this muffler on my 65 mustang and its a 6 cyl with a long tube header thats a dual outlet. the muffler acts like a x-pipe

I am going to be wanting to order a exhaust piping kit from fleabay

2.5” Inch Custom Exhaust Tubing Mandrel Bend Pipe U-Bend 90 Degree Kit 16PCS -16 ga mild steel
s-l1600 (7).jpg

going to order this muffler Spintech Pro-Street 6000 series dual in-dual out 2.5

SpinTech Pro Street 6000 Muffler

I was looking at some of the race cars and how they have a H pipe in front of this and how it this is the x-pipe and it duals out from it
Flowmaster H-Pipe Kit Exhaust Exhaust Intermediate Pipe
s-l1600 (6).jpg

I am also going to be using a set of resonators acting like glasspipes in between the muffler and the tips

Pair of 2.5" straight Universal Glass Pack Exhaust Resonator Muffler
s-l1600 (1).jpg
s-l1600 (2).jpg

I was just going to try and use spintech resonators and tips but damn pricey...so found these resonators

I was looking at 3in tips but the facebook group (LS Family) showed me how the 4in tips fill the opening and looks better

(2) Stainless Steel Cherry Bomb Exhaust Tip Double Wall 2.5" x 4" x 8" IAD408NS
s-l1600 (5).jpg
s-l1600 (4).jpg
s-l1600 (3).jpg

I believe that this will sound very nice and perform well.

A bonus is a grand total with tax and shipping is $442.62 ... now to fit or piece that into the finances to slowly collect it.

I do have a gas mig but I need a new wand for it...its old and the plastic is breaking.
Since I’m known for being on a budget too, at first I just deleted my stock exhaust restrictions and put intakes because these cars need a good amount of back pressure and sometimes front pressure to run properly lol.
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I was worried about too un-restricted and not enough back pressure. I installed a K&N intake and have a oil to air seperator between the driver VC and the intake. I was thinking of adding another one for the passenger side
I have also been looking at swapping to a hi-flow cat

hi flow cat


to ensure the CEL didn't come on. I have basically come up with a cheaper Magnaflow kit and that kit is cat-back
Yeah if it’s too wide open you’ll kill your torque that’s why after trying several different combos I put the “stockish“exhaust with cats back on my v8 with a K&N intake made the most power for me.

My v6 is the complete opposite it likes more open exhaust and less intake so I put back the stock intake box with a wix filter and its way more responsive than the cold air intake I had on before.
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I think this will give me a nice rumble. there is a smaller dual in dual out. I have the small pro-street 9000s on my 94 mustang and you can hear it for sure.
pro street 9000

pro street 6000

the case is longer
the sound will be louder but it might free up the flow with keeping cats but just hi-flow
my idea for the h-pipe was from seeing this on facebook

should I still look at the H-pipe before the muffler after the cat converters?
Those should have her sounding like a baby coyote and it’s gonna be some trial and error involved because every car is slightly different and our climates too. When I had on an H pipe the car sounds better but was less peppy than before So I went back to the gutted stock exhaust. Maybe it just a lack of cubic inches I dunno but my ass dyno told me this lol.
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thinking the 9000s over the 6000s?

my 94 with the single 9000s on each pipe with the 5.0 (331ci and cammed)

my 65 with the dual in dual out 6000s off the long tube headers, x pipe and exhaust pipes. the car is a 200ci i6

What’s that like cherry bombs ? I used to run those back in the day and yeah I thought was bad with 5 cars but my Ls’s are my favorites and need special attention because my other cars are all Chevys and don’t give any problems.
Yeah. spintech took the design from dr gas. id rather have those ones but he is out of business. Boyd Butler was the designer of the mufflers for dr.gas and designed them for nascar . the nascar boomtube and crossover pipes. I have one of his x-pipes on the 94 with the long tube headers. that exhaust is all 2.5 also.

I was thinking the 2.5 could make it loose back-pressure and coupled to the flowing cats and mufflers. I might get the 6000 be a little on the mellow sound and not the other way
What’s that like cherry bombs ? I used to run those back in the day and yeah I thought was bad with 5 cars but my Ls’s are my favorites and need special attention because my other cars are all Chevys and don’t give any problems.

I was going to post the pics of my cars in here but I was looking to see if there is a post of members other projects or toys.

Well here it all is. Didn't post the pics of the other ones but I need to take pics of them all

Falcon is the one that has its own facebook and instagram. if you look up "Broomhilda" 64 falcon .
The 65 mustang was my high school car. I got it when I was 13/14 back in 93/94. My father and I restored it and life happened and it needs it again. Its my daughters when she graduates college. shes 16
The blue one we bought in Norfolk in 2016, she is rotten underneath and the engine is locked up because the exhaust was off and salt air got into the engine. Haven't opened that can of worms yet. its my stepsons and will be his after college. he is 13
The 94 saleen tribute was the project that kept my head on straight when i was going through a bad and dark time. Made it through storage through 3 deployments. Just rebuilt the motor, trans and now redoing the suspension soon and adding a V2 SC. the motor is a 331 sbf
my daily is my 06 LS, my wife has been driving the 2016 tundra since her 05 tsx needs suspension, brakes and exhaust replaced.... I might have bought better stuff that stock and now it became a project....just waiting on control arms for alignment..and then it will get slammed home. and finally we have a 06 scion tc that we picked up on the cheap. just needed a fuel pump and key remade and re-programmed. I have slowly been redoing it. I got it for my daughter to drive when she was here visiting us. so now its just sitting with insurance off of it.
I only have 4 of them on insurance with coverage. falcon stays in the garage(got way to much money wrapped up in it) and the tsx is in there on jackstands
Good looking cars and I’ll go follow the Falcon’s page to see more about it and no matter how long it takes you’ll get there once you can see it in your mind.
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Couple of mine, restored 73 Firebird 400 and my 09 Sierra Denali turbo
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all of the exhaust is here at the house. Have to finish up on my wifes TSX before I put the lincoln in the garage for the Jag brake upgrade, exhaust, blower motor fan resistor and the full CT sounds system. Still need to get a pair of D2s and all the stuff for the brakes...wanted todo the STR brakes but the XF R are very close

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