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Dec 30, 2007
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long island
im not really a stereo guy, but my backs are blown. i searched and it looks like all the speakers are 5x7 is that right. Some speaker suggestions would be great, not looking to spend alot. i think i just need the rear deck.
rear deck speakers are 6x9. you'd only have them if you have the factory alpine system. otherwise all others are 5x7's, and are in the doors...
yeah i have the alpine 6 disk. for around 50-60 bucks what speakers should i go with, jl, polk, alpine, kicker, pioneer...the list goes on.
i got 2 frontside door speakers(factory).... i would go mbquarts youll get alot of LOUDNESS.
The speakers in the rear deck are 6x9's and the way it is set up from the factory they only play the low end frequencys. Do not waste your money buying full range speakers to replace them you will only be disapointed, unless you are going to do a lot of upgrading/modifing to get them to play full range.

IMHO if you were happy with the way they sounded before just look for someone selling the factory speakers on ebay.
the rear deck speakers are pretty much blown, i turn the bass down all the way just so they dont rattle. So some low frequency speakers are going in the deck, as for the others i think they sound fine. So besides the factory rear decks what should i look into.
yea i want to replace mines but they sound good still i have the thx sound system
they only sound bad when i put bass on high...
I don't know, I've never used them. I heeard good things about the Tang Band stuff though. Only problem I see is that they are 4ohm and I believe the factory speakers are 2ohm, which means you won't get as much power from the factory amp so they might not be as loud.
hahah... Thats prefect cause I need 4 ohm. I have an aftermarket amp that only does 4ohms.

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